Periodic Dosage Archive 2010-04

“Lily Allen - Fuck you” Buy at amazon

Lily Allen — Fuck You Very Much

Nice pen twirling

perm url: Pen Spinning.

My Dick (Song). (music video and lyrics)

Elements of English Style. (commentary)

A funny online personal ad: Woman With Good Legs.

Tom Cruise, 1984, NewSpeak, and the Language of Scientology (linguistics; politics; literature; psychology)

The Bimbo from Alaska: Sarah Palin.

Discovered that my essay on scientology has been translated into Chinese, here:

Over the past 10 years, i've discovered few of my other writings have been translated to other langs.

Also for perhaps 5 years around 2000, my Great Math Programs page been translated to i think Polish. I don't remember the URL now since i havn't seen the site in my weblog's referral, but i can still find the URL in old web log.

The Writing Style of Xah Lee (essay)

Palpatine: The Portrait of a Perfect Sociopath and Master Politician (social commentary)

Leaked video of 2 US helicopters killing ~10 Iraqi people, on . For detail, see: Leaked Video: US Helicopter Killing Iraqi.

Are You Getting Truth From Pop Blogs?

李敖 (Li Ao)'s blog seems to be revived: (Chinese only).

For those of you don't know who he is, check out past particles:

Just discovered that i'm listed in a page named “List of ex-Scientologists who have spoken out”.

This is due to my article Scientology and Falun Gong, which they linked as my story.

Gah, am quite annoyed by the bunch of pretty girls staring at me on the side of Facebook. What the fuck. Am not interested in spending time and energy to go thru these spammy sites and deal with women with the possibility of reward of touching set years down. I noticed there's a little x that lets me close it. Tried it, then fuck Facebook asks my reason by multiple choice for not liking the ad, which kicked my mind into deliberation…

full article: Facebook Girls.

Just read a insightful article on how Wikipedia grows. Is its content came from small percentage of Wikipedians who edit it everyday? or is it from the masses who don't even have a account? He used statistical means to find out.

See bottom at: The Heart of Wikipedia: Why is Wikipedia Successful?.