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GoT 3x2 | Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth Sword Fight scene | HD
Ser Brienne of Tarth Defends Jamie Lannister | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2
viper vs mountain
girl riding dragon. so nice. near the end.

so, apparently, games of thrones thrives, partly due to, lots blood torture killing scenes and naked girl and sex stuff
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Khaleesi VS Razdal mo Eraz Vostfr

haven't had tv since 2000. Every few years i watch some shows obsessively for days. felt i missed it. But after, not really.

from each of the scenes, they show names of the person killed. then, you can search, and read about who they are or the situation, and you get the idea of the story of Game of Throne.

Game Of Thrones is a good show. It's written by a old school nerd. In it, you see brutality n true nature of human animals.

In modern society, we live in caves, not even knowing how to kill a pig when hungry. Our mind of humanity, is Disneyland, a virtual reality of comfort. The brutality, aggression, exhibits in hidden ways.
Arya Stark and the Hound
Game Of Thrones, Brienne vs The Hound
Ned Stark vs Jaime Lannister - Game of Thrones 1x05 (HD)
Game Of Thrones, all dragon scenes, seasons 1 to 7

witch Melisandre
Melisandre gives birth to Stannis' shadow child - Game of Thrones S02E04
Melisandre's true form

Battle of Castle Black
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Wildlings Attack the Wall Part 2
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Game of Thrones S04E10 - Stannis arrives at the Wall

been watching and reading Game of Thrones in the past few days. Epic is the word. Truly.

Epic, is when, u have 10 volume books covering history, dynasties, regions of the world, maps, cultures, family tree, relations, epochs, wars, big and small. Game Of Thrones is like that.

it began for me, with a youtube video of pretty girl riding dragon. Who doesn't like that? then, sword fights, thousands people killing, naked girls, and chopping off heads, hanging, burning people. Those core attractions of horror movies voted with $ by us.

then, you learned that pretty girl is Dany. She's actually the mom of the dragons. Well, not just like that. The eggs were stones of thousands years old. She got sold off to a barbarian chief by her blond brother… 3D character, not flat.

then, in fighting scenes or sex scenes, i wondered who they are. At first, i learned a few. Each has unique story. Not just this is good guy, that's a bad guy, typical in modern tales. But as i dug more, almost every character is rich, with pages of history.

also note, in today's TV dramas, the effort is same or bigger than full featured movies. Because, since about 10 years ago, people don't go to movie theaters that much, dvd even died. Instead, we have online streaming. this is a observation of 1 effect of tech progress on the masses.

then, you started to dig into maps, drawings of places of a world. Name of lands, seas, cities, islands, and history spanning few hundred years, what happened here and there. Then, you also discovered fantasy elements, zombies, giants, witches, sorcerer.

dunno who wrote the game of thrones wiki, e.g. but it's massive, detailed, and the English is well done! and with hundreds or thousands of clips on YouTube, that's how i study it. spent past week on this.
Game of Thrones (S03E01) - Daenerys meets Ser Barristan Selmy. manticore sent to kill dany via a warlock in lil girl disguise
Game Of Thrones. Ygritte, a redhead, the cutest girl in GoT. Here's all her scenes, and is with Jon Snow, her lover. Ygritte is a warrior, and also strong and brave. god, i love strong woman.
in Game Of Thrones, there are quite a few strong women. Ellaria Sand and her 3 daughters stand out. Of course, and the main character Daenerys. Here's Ellaria. O, GODDESS!

Strong women means, they are bold, courageous, and usually get what they want. The power came from within. It's not uncommon for strong women to came from rural or poor background. The opposite mentality is princess, grew up rich, pampered, know nothing, can't do nothing.

note, we usually make a distinction of strong women vs evil women. e.g. female politicians are usually strong women, but some are sinister, conniving, cowardish, backstabbing. In Game Of Thrones, Cersei Lannister is strong, but also cruel, vengeful, hateful.
Brienne Tarth is a example of strong women but not a charmer. She's also honorable, and also strong in a physical sense — a tomboy. Most male knights are not a match for her. this scene, she fights The Hound, one of the best fighter.


jostling tgpkmz
Jousting, a knights combat sport. A scene from Game Of Thrones.

From a math perspective, Jousting is fascinating. You have a lance and a shield. Do you focus on attack or defense? If we ignore the shield, what's the optimal strategy?
Game of Thrones: The Mountain vs Oberyn Martell (The Viper)

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