Similar Words

This page collects words similar in one way or another: synonym, paronym, homonym, homophone, homograph, and other kind of nameless nymphs of my fancy, including: near synonyms, near homonyms, words likely mixed up, specialized technical jargons, etc.

the ruling class

See also: Form of government.

one batch of animals

flock, flight, herd, drove, pack, gang, gaggle, bevy, brood, school, swarm, throng..

See also: List of animal names (with collective nouns), Herd

Some bird names:

incessant utterances

grumble, babble, mumble, murmur, mutter, stammer, prattle, blather, drivel, drool, prate, twaddle, gab, chatter, blabber, burble, jabber, gibber, maunder, patter, yak, yammer, twiddle, twitter, smatter, tinkle, ramble

English has lots words describing these. They may indicate a commen need to describe such slacking talk. Oftentimes we can glimpse a culture or human nature from languages. Other examples are the plethora of words for decribing stupidity or fools, and as well women as sex objects.


lass, lassie, wench, dame, femme, chit, colleen, damsel, demoiselle; broad; minx, coquette, hussy, bint, bimbo

maiden, virgin, houri

demimonde (demimondaine), paramour, ladylove, sweetheart

popsy, doxy, sexpot, chanteuse, ingenue, frump

fleshpot, harlot

trull → And let my spleenful sons this trull deflower [Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus: Act 2]

A trull is a prostitute. Synonyms for prostitute varies in context and connotation. There's tramp, harlot, courtesan, call girl, prostitute, whore.

Women's clothings:

chemise, corset, peignoir, Lingerie

locomotion mannerisms, gaits

swagger, trod, tread, tramp, trample, trudge, stamp, limp, lope, amble, saunter, scamper, scuttle, scurry, scoot, shamble, shuffle, slouch, traipse

Chimeras and boogieman

Some words used for fantasy creatures.

From greek mythology:


Some words used for color:

chartreuse, grizzle, jet, ebony, sepia, bister, beige, dun, ecru, flaxen, tawny, maize, titian, umber, amber, ocher, russet, ruddy, carmine, sorrel, scarlet, henna, garnet, claret, fuchsia, vermillion, magenta, mauve, sanguine, maroon, cardinal, lavender, turquoise, azure, teal, sapphire, indigo

See also: List of colors.


dawdle, doodle → in the game American McGee's Alice, the white rabbit said to Alice “don't dawdle, Alice”

allay, alleviate, palliate, sooth

swamp, mash, marsh, pulp, quagmire, mire

ails ills aisles isles

founder, flounder

twirl, whorl, whirl, swirl

parlay, parley

consul, council, councel

vis-a-vis = face-to-face, bona fide = genuine, et al = and others, etc. = et cetera; and so forth, per se = as such, i.e. = id est; that is, e.g. = exempli gratia; for example, viz. = videlicet; namely, MIA, g.o.p., AWOL

crochet, crotchet

knoll, hillock, hummock

perorate, harangue, tirade, diatribe, rant, rave

skulduggery, hanky-panky, prestidigitation

dextral, sinistral , deasil, widdershins → all these are hardly used.

ophthalmologist, optician, optometrist

remunerate, requite, repay, redeem, compensation, recompense, reparation, atonement

rump, hip, buttocks, bottom, cheeks, derriere, ass, breech

epee, rapier, scimitar, cutlass, dagger, foil, stiletto, stylet, halberd, pike, lance, spear, bow, crossbow → there are good varieties of words for varieties of swords used around the world.

tot, tote, toot, tout → Price has a song called _Sing of the Times_; the lyrics talks about a tot whose favorite game is about toting a machine gun. Owls hoot, whistles hoot. Merchants tout. → in describing small child, there's also tyke and kid, with kid also being a young goat.

podium, rostrum, lectern, dais, pulpit, soapbox

caustic, mordant, trenchant, acrid, scathing

shrewd, sagacious, perspicacious, astute → Jon, this is your chance to smite the world's eggheads with your prowess and perspicaciousness. (Announcing a programing contest to a brash hotshot Perl programer)

pope, pontiff, prelate, bishop, priest, deacon, subdeacon, vicar, rector, curate, pastor, sexton, diocese, parish, chapel

flair, flare, blare

club, mace, maul, cudgel, bludgeon, truncheon

balustrade, parapet, rampart, bulwark, palisade, stake

dapple, dapper, dabble, dabber

depredate, deprecate

varnish, burnish, furbish, tarnish, garnish, furnish

dozen/gross/score, team of horses, span of mules, yoke of oxen, brace of partridge, pair of shoes, couple of days, raft, horde, throng, mound

coruscate, scintillate, shimmer, glisten, glint, glimmer, glean, garner, muster

fiddle, fumble, botch, bumble, blunder, bobble, boggle, bungle, cobble, flounder

refection, ration, sustenance, provision, viand, morsel, victual, repast, elixir, arcana, libation, nectar, ambrosia, panacea

veldt, prairie, savannah

gaggle, gobble, gulp, gurgle, gargle, goggle, gargoyle

cranny, crevice, fissure, nick, gash

dock, jetty, quay, wharf, harbor, estuary, inlet, bay, promontory, cape, peninsula

crater, furrow, valley, chasm, gorge, canyon, ravine, gulch, gullet, gully

tomb, vault, sepulcher, catacomb

epigram, epigraph, epitaph, epitome, epithet

recipient, incipient, percipient

admonish, upbraid, scold, chide, berate, vituperate, blame, reprehend, reproach, reproof, reprove, censure, excoriate, rebuke, objurgate, reprimand, chastise

bespeak, divination, presentiment, premonition, presage, portend, prognosticate, predict, foretell, forecast, forebode

jangle, joggle, jiggle, jounce, giggle

admonish, demolish, abolish

exalt, extol, exhort, exult, extort

prodigious, prodigal, profligate, reprobate

ingenious, ingenuous, indigenous

repentant, penitent, deplore, doleful, melancholy, mourn, sorrow

compunctious, regretful, deplore, remorseful, contrite

malign, traduce, asperse, vilify, calumniate, defame

facetious, felicity, felicitous

mantel, mantle

acclaim, declaim, exclaim, proclaim, announce, denounce, belittle, deprecate, depredate

dispel, disperse, dissipate, disseminate

cheap, thrifty, niggardly, penurious, parsimonious, frugal, Spartan, provident