Antonymous Synonyms and Synonymous Antonyms

By Xah Lee. Date:

Antonymous Synonyms

seemingly antonyms, but more truly synonyms or semi- or demi-synonyms. The criterion is that words syntactically indicate opposite in meaning but actually similar in meaning.

In the grand language of English, a- anti- dis- un- im- ir- in- de- all jostle for opposition. Unwittingly, to wit: aperiodic; antihero, antipathy, antithesis; peccable, impeccable; maculate, immaculate; pervious, impervious, impure; irregular, indifferent, detached/attached, insensible, impartial, dispassionate, unbiased, apathetic, impassive, unfeeling, disinterested, uninterested, untouched, irresponsible, disdain.

Synonymous Antonyms

Note: these may not be antonyms, but just not synonyms. The criterion is that words syntactically similar in meaning but semantically not.

If you know any, please comment. Thanks to Joshua Freeman, John Seal for addition.