American Superheros

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Covers from the comics Superman. Note the bald eagle and the American Shield ensign. image source
Avengers 4
Covers from the comics Avengers, featuring Captain America. image source

Note the name “Avenger”. Avenge means “To inflict a punishment or penalty in return for.”.

Wonder Woman issue 1
Wonder Woman issue 1. Note the star-spangled uniform.

[see Wonder Woman: from Bondage Heroine to Feminist to Sexpot]

The Greeks has Greek Mythology , the Chinese has Chinese mythology , the USA has superheros.

The Greek myths are filled with materialistic and egotistic human foibles, the Chinese myths of bottled ethics and etiquettes, the American consists of technology, consumerism, righteousness, and the pure Good vs Evil. The preoccupation of righteousness of the Americans is instilled since young.


Superman (born 1938), the unique and ultimate symbol of American invincibility and righteousness. According to Superman's story line, he is a orphan from outer space. Nevertheless, his looks and mannerism are all-American -- blue eyes, burly, headstrong, and full of justice.

superman superman, wonder woman, batman
Covers of ~2003 Superman comics. Note the serious deadpan. He says, you don't want to mess with him. The cover is prominently titled “MYTHOLOGY”. Also note the caption “A Celebration of the World's Favorite Comic Book Heros.” The WORLD's favorite? It is questionable if half of the world's population ever heard of them, less favorite. To Americans, the words WORLD and USA are effectively equivalent.
justice league superman with US flag backdrop
~2003 comic covers of Superman and his cohorts. The JLA stands for Justice League America, in which Superman is the leader. Note how they are all WASP. Last image: Superman the movie (1978); signed photo by star Christopher Reeve (1952 to 2004) . Note the flag backdrop.
superman flying with US flag
Superman flying with a USA flag, from the movie Superman (series). Quote from the movie: “I'm here to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.”.

If your way is the French way, or Chinese way, or Arabic way, you better watch out.

Christopher Reeve and his wife Data Reeve seems to be great people. Unfortunately, they both suffered tragedy and died young, around ~2005.

righteous American
A poster, showing a savage-looking guy holding a bloody knife, with his face and upper torso painted in American flag. The caption reads “AM I RIGHTEOUS NOW”. This image probably dates sometimes after Iraq War in 2003.

flag dressflag swimsuit