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reddit crowd, vs hackernews

i find the reddit crowd quite idiotic. seems doesn't matter which room. on the other hand, hackernews got more intelligent people. and for keyboard, geekhack and deskthority much better.

reddit people, are like the lowest form of cat pics equivalent in any of its rooms. e.g. for keyboard, you just got a bunch of pretty pictures. and all comments are like oh ah oh ah thanks and memes. if you post with any thinking, you get 0 vote or voted down.

for those who are concerned about #FreeTommy follow @georgellewelyn and @CaolanRob i got these info from @BrittPettibone and @Lauren_Southern videos, which i trust.

tommy robinson case, i don't really know. but here's an article i recently scan'd

[Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to “Grooming Gangs”. Britain Has Persecuted Him. By Douglas Murray. At ]

photo of children sleeping on the floor in cage went wild on twitter

apparently, these photos are 2014 under Obama, see

EMILY MOLLI, Cutest Girl on Earth

emily molli 2018 05 27 a4580 2
. @MomesMolli , cutest girl on earth. 2018-05-27 She's independent journalist, team with @Timcast . Appears in this video

Lauren Southern = cute fox

lauren southern 2018 05 27
Lauren Southern 2018 05 27 D4c13
lauren southern 2018 05 27 091e2
Lauren Southern 2018 05 27 091e2

I wish Lauren Southern is more mature.

Lauren, seriously, why do you put so much make up? you are perhaps already the MOST beautiful among public figures. Sometimes when you have heavy makeup, and talking about serious subject, it's distracting. I mean, inappropriate.

Lauren, when i watched you talking with Stefan about #TommyRobinson, serious subject, then you sip a cold drink… i mean, it's nothing, but it really does look funny. and in one of your Africa video, you have really, really, bright red lips while interviewing a guy there…

Video of Beijin, China, 1910

video of Beijin China, 1910.

Tommy Robinson Jailed, and Revolution

Tommy Robinson case, a lawyer tells us what's going on


“Unreal support for Tommy Robinson at such late notice! #FreeTommy”

revolution, usually start with some incident. there's usually decades of built up. and one incident triggers it.

i don't know much about UK. but in US, and hearing about Canada, France, Germany, Australia, these white nations, things are pretty screwed by the leftists in power. Massive censorship as we know, on twitter youtube facebook.

lots problems, are from immigrant issue. esp Islamics. We had several massive bombing in past year, eg that europe teen concert etc. and i hear on twitter, lots rape and stuff. Not too many drinks or favor exchange #metoo. But the rape that's bloodndead type. but news play hush.

immigration, is nice. but not when done massively, or illegally. yeah, we all like to help. but not when some stranger is to live in your home. Usually, the rich, have big hearts, but they have gated apartment, or private homes with walls n guards.

when a stranger that's not your kin or clan lives in your home, doesn't matter how nice you are, friction is going to get bigger and bigger the longer or number it is.

Jordan Peterson is Darth Vader?

[I was Jordan Peterson's strongest supporter. Now I think he's dangerous By Bernard Schiff. At ]

I read the whole article. am glad Jordan Peterson exists, even if is Darth Vader. Just look at what the extreme leftists are doing, massive censorship today (youtube, twitter, facebook), and violence in 2017 (antifa), firing people for diff opinions (e.g. James Damore vs Google Class Action Lawsuit ).

the article depicts Jordan Peterson as good eccentric guy turned into power hungry politician. Thanks for the warning. We have far worse existing examples: Hillary Clinton, Mark Zukerberg, Eric Schmidt, lots smaller players e.g. head of equity in universities making millions do nothing

Days of Rage?

“People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.” — Max Noel, FBI (ret.)

[Days of Rage By Davidzhines. At ]

interesting. to read.

stupid nerds about privacy law

vast majority of people, even on twitter who are loud about privacy, do not actually really care about gdpr or other privacy law. As can be seen in this tweet. Most people, just want convenience. Companies knew that. The privacy cries, is just a show.


the tech nerds, open source fanatics, need to understand that vast majority of people don't care. For the past 20 years, we bitched, but it has gotten far worse. Crying about ideology is useless. You need to understand how people, society, actually works.

for all the bad mouth facebook recently got, it has not put a dimple in facebook usage, from a recent report. 17 years ago, Microsoft was facing the same crisis, and nerd fanatics all want Microsoft to die. But today, facebook, google, is 1 magnitude worse. Society got worse.

See also: On Microsoft Hatred

political compass == stupid

The political compass, is kinda stupid. Because its simplistic. And am taking its test now. The questions are idiotic. It asks basically fuzzy questions. And by the way, that page on economics, most people won't understand what they mean. e.g. “is it more important to control inflation or unemployment?”. LOL. You tell me. You need to have basic understanding of economics.

political compass xah lee 2018 05 24 a7de8
political compass xah lee 2018-05-24

The political compass site is badly designed, doesn't even gives you a picture with id with automated share to twitter facebook. And the questions, are basically stupid. I'd say, totally inaccurate even we assume such 2-axis simplification.

a much better set of questions, is simply to directly ask hot button issues of usa politics, such as abortion, gun, god, welfare, taxes.

Code of Conduct, and SJW's Tenets

Code of Conduct, is a assault from sjw, onset ~2012. Its effect, is to get the weak to help the powerful (typically whiteman), with a ethics sticker. You should not contribute, unless you get paid. Try to create your own instead.


stealing is bad. But, suppose you are a genius thief cult, how can you make people think that stealing is good? Almost all tenets of sjw, have that effect. Code of Conduct, cultural appropriation, microaggression.

sjw tenets have these characteristics: ① not precise, so no way to invalidate them. ② things every street people can relate. e.g. culture, women, rape, race, cops. ③ gives the sjw arbitrary power to say who's bad.

Lauren Southern vs Candace Owens

oh, Lauren is really stupid sometimes. wait, actually, she's just not too bright. more formally, her iq is not impressive, and her knowledge is barely above laymen. @RealCandaceO , has higher iq than lauren. Candace knows how to climb, Lauren just wasting her life.

Race is a business - and business is A-boomin' on both sides of the political spectrum. by Lauren Southern

Both of them, have the looks. For either male or female, that helps propel you to stardom, may it be kingpin or president. But Candance knew what's important. Lauren doesn't. And now Lauren's super heavy makeup is making her looking like a prostitute.

I think Lauren's problem is that she lacks weight from within. Stop that girly grimacing satirical face. But really, a person's demeanor is usually set. Cannot be changed. Nerd be nerds, salesmen be salesmen, thinker be thinkers, etc. Owens is a leader type, for good or bad.

Of Lauren's vid, it's stupid in many ways. ① trivial. You just covered Africa. But now quibbles on words? ② her analysis is literally incorrect. You don't look at things literally. Math, yes, world, no. You need intention, context, etc. ③ don't go out of your way to sail against wind.

Jesus, @Lauren_Southern , what's your point? did you know that, most of us following you, not because you are god of justice? we followed you because, you are pretty, and you are doing some justice, and you are anti sjw. You are, in it, for business, like everybody else.

lauren southern 2018 05 21 ee79f
lauren southern 2018 05 21


Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution

[Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution By David Chapman. At ]

One hell of a old school article. I haven't read a good one since about after 1990s. and, it didn't occur to me before, that subculture is dead, indeed.

Adjustment Day by Chuck Palahniuk

from the fight club guy, new book Adjustment Day Adjustment Day by Chuck Palahniuk

“Fight Club” Screenshots when i saw the film, i was about to storm out 20 min into it. was very offended. i went with coworkers. ~1999 first show. Then, it turned completely around.

leaked Google video, the selfish ledger

leaked Google internal video. Very disturbing. Essentially a propaganda, on behavior control, gene control.

leaked Google video, the selfish ledger

the video looks innocuous. They always roots on helping humanity. The idea isn't new. But why is Google distributing this video internally? need to look at who's behind on the idea, decision, to make and distribute it to google employees

discovered a major fake news writer. KELLY WEILL

discovered a major fake news writer. see

doomsday, dystopia, and millennials

the sjw, millennials generation, is truly the most evil, utterly ignorant. been studying it for over a year now, still, amazes me. maybe it's not that complicated. eg there r lots extreme cults in history. it happens when people get brainwashed.

actually, from another perspective, human animals easily have mass movement phenomenon. the belief of certain things or idea, en mass, e.g. Germany, American, Brits, China, Japan, Africa too, have lead to millions dead, and is actually normal history.

another thought. we talk about the doomsday clock. e.g. nuclear bomb. that's something tangible, the mass easily understand it. but, dystopia, e.g. 1984, is not tangible. Dystopia is danger sans warning. white nations are pretty much already in.

yet another thought. perhaps, like Paglia has opined, it's simply the end stage of a rich culture. e.g. rich → degenerate → decadence → effete. In this take, USA and other white nations, is falling, while China, Middle East, takes over, as the cycle goes.

Las Vegas Travelog: MGM Grand

videos of tech help deaf hearing for the first time

i think this is part of the cause of rise of sjw and millennials. 1st, note, most in the vid are young girls or children. Why? cuz they get us sympathy, cute factor. in past 10 years of social media, these types of things, spam our attention. everyone loves.


u wonder, why don' they show man in it? cuz, 1, the publisher knew, with girls, the readership will be 1 magnitude more, and that's true of our behaviors, both male and female. but what's wrong with showing happiness of tech helping deaf?

it's great tech is helping deaf. but, when we get spam'd by it everyday for 10 years, something goes awry. It roots the idea that tech is pure gold. eg those companies that make these. it rob us from critical thinking. creates 'help' mentality, which now became anti free speech.

then, the other thing u wonder is, do deaf actually get these wonderful inventions? the answer is no, unless they are wealthy. Doesn't matter how helpful the sjw setup things, those weak and poor, desperate, truly need help, will remain so.

then, we have studies about how poor become rich, in a statical way, over nations and history. that's economics, parts of. but such solution, isn't something the mob can appreciate. there's not cute girls, no poor black got justice, no tears.

the fundamental ill of this is, it manipulates our emotion, in a massive, systematic way, induced by social media, which rewards the most brainless posts.

you don't want to be a pussy, you want to have balls.

can this save YouTube. from timcast

“you don't want to be a pussy, you want to have balls.” — Cobra Kai

Sometimes, the colloquial language truly shows how things are. You can see it in Chinese too.

ari feldman slander jordan peterson 2018 05 12 08ad5
Ari Feldman slander on Jordan Peterson 2018-05-12

Ari Feldman tries to imply Peterson is Nazi.

Malcolm X

here's Malcolm X Speech: “You're A Political Chump!”

Malcolm X Speech: “You're A Political Chump!”

Here's speech by Malcolm X. December 1st, 1963. Note his rants against liberals in particular.

In this deceitful American game of power politics, the Negroes (i.e., the race problem, the integration and civil rights issues) are nothing but tools, used by one group of whites called Liberals against another group of whites called Conservatives, either to get into power or to remain in power. Among whites here in America, the political teams are no longer divided into Democrats and Republicans. The whites who are now struggling for control of the American political throne are divided into “liberal” and “conservative” camps. The white liberals from both parties cross party lines to work together toward the same goal, and white conservatives from both parties do likewise.

The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro's friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.

Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of integration and civil rights. In this profitable game of deceiving and exploiting the political politician of the American Negro, those white liberals have the willing cooperation of the Negro civil rights leaders. These “leaders” sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains. These “leaders” are satisfied with token victories and token progress because they themselves are nothing but token leaders

Malcolm X is basically a nutjob. he's intelligent, quick wit, charismatic. He's a hero, to blacks, and a rightful one. (not the hollywood fucks type) And he advocated violence. However, his deeds, is far better, than many politicians with pleasing words, e.g. Hillary and Bush Jr.

one way to wipe out the sjw in its entirety is a us civil war. sjw arose requires that people are living in comfort. When war happens, that goes away. Also, typical sjw are weaklings.