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good YouTubers on China/Chinese

for those of you interested in china or Chinese language , this YouTube channel is probably good


this is another good channel if you interested in chinese


this guy's videos are much better. He lives in china for over 10 years, speaks chinese, has a pretty chinese wife, and gives detail of china. He's got hundreds videos.

neighbors dumped their trees on the curb. every year, u cut a tree, for 1 day. u wonder, the ecology and waste. am sure it's industrialized to death. but, before u shake ur head, what bout replacing iphone every 2 years? which, is more wasteful? do we need it?

2017 = The rise of sjw, and the rise of artificial intelligence

2017, is 2 things. The rise of sjw, and the rise of artificial intelligence. The sjw is quite serious, perhaps marks the downfall of white nations. AI is marked and represented by google AlphaZero. I think future is uncertain.

by the way, there's this notion in the corner, often championed by @sapinker , that statistically, the world is better. less crime, more democracy, etc. However, that has nothing to do with what might happen in near/far future. Think of dynamical systems and chaos theory.

although the AI is mainly controlled by sjw inclined left, but it's not certain it'll continue in bad direction. Public is becoming more aware Free Speech issue. Also, note there's China, Middle East, who, will never think in any sjw way.

Julian Assange's Twitter Account Incident 2017-12-24

what's with Steve Pieczenik?

this is no agenda show,

by @adam and @Johncdvorak of which, hosts the mastodon instance am on. []

the episode is a 2 hours interview with Steve Pieczenik

what's with Steve Pieczenik?

i have little interest in real politics, so i don't know him. but what's with him saying Sandy Hook shooting didn't happen? and that infowar Alex fuckhead i can't stand him.

i started to listen to NA but went to Wikipedia first. Hard to find interest to continue.

making a casual study of the Steve Pieczenik character. currently just finished watching this:

The Truth About WWII War Crimes. [where Steve Pieczenik talks about Japanese war crimes and why they are not treated/incriminalized as the nazi.]

So far, so good.

The Truth About The Civil War. (Steve Pieczenik on US Civil War.)

this one, Steve Pieczenik, talks about social engineering or “psychological warfare”, how he and US teams brought down USSR without force.

The truth about regime change from the man behind the take down of the Soviet Union. In this documentary, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former US State Dept. official, explains how the world has transformed from a militaristic fore-structure to one where economic and psychological warfare become the predominant tools of a new generation.

sounds very convincing. However, i question it. These things, of “social engineering” or “psychological warfare”, “brain washing”, “indoctrination”, are wishy washy things, that you can never say it did or did not work.

it's like sex games between lovers. You play, she plays too. and you don't really know who's being fucked over.

Apple Slow Down iPhone

Joy Villa, Scientology's frontwoman?

looks like Joy Villa has serious scientology involvement. That is, might be getting lots money and told what to do.


GamerGate: Where Are They Now?

I have updated ⚡️ “#GamerGate: Where Are They Now?” with ex-journalist Juan Thompson's court verdict.

He has received a 5 year prison sentence for domestic terrorism, cyber-stalking and harassment.

In 2015, he called GamerGate a misogynist movement.


Sometimes, the most vocal anti gay is gay, most vocal male feminist turned out to be a rapist. We see this kinda news of fallen politicians too. E.g. Vocal anti-drug turns out selling drugs, and anti-prostitution buy call-girls.

turn that on yourself and see if you find something. Is there something you are vocal or activist about, only because, your personal problems?

this guy Matt Hickey, big sjw journalist, in jail now, for raping several girls. he write stories about tech companies and feminism etc stuff. strangely, i didn't find a Wikipedia article of him. probably someone deleted.

Ivanka Trump, her character

not sure what's the character of Ivanka. She seem to be good hearted. On IQ level, maybe slightly above average. I in general don't believe in anyone silver spooned.

personalities, saleman vs the nerd

Gavin McInnes Character

god has endowed each of us with a trigger warning system, when thou open thy eyes.

Joy Villa, Make America Great Again

Joy Villa, Make America Great Again

3:39 features Gavin McInnes. lol

pretty good. i didn't know her before. by the way, why's she suddenly on the news?

so, she made a splash by wearing a Make America Great Again dress in 2017 Grammy Awards.

Joy Villa Gives Tucker a Look Inside Hollywood

ucb students demanding take home midterm exam, else, you are whitesupremist

ucb students demanding take home midterm exams, else, the professor is whitesupremist


the 4chan style of comment

the 4chan style of comments, also everywhere on reddit etc, is called crass, in English.

Its onset is around say 2005, when social media with like button began.

At first, it seems funny. After a year, it shrinks ya brain, wastes your life, depresses you.

but maybe as most youths, you don't have nothing better to do. Well, that's one of the things digital age gave us.

snap out of it.

professional sjw Tom Coates

i got blocked by a sjw @tomcoates because this tweet in the reply. it seems, there are many sjw who makes a living now by hate. And blocking is a way to have their views unchallenged. He just blocked @CHSommers yesterday.

twitter 2017 12 16 tomcoates status 941783613321895936 78223
twitter tomcoates (Tom Coates) status 941783613321895936

from @xah_lee


Replying to @tomcoates @dittoaway @sama

check wikipedia definition of political correctness in say 2004, before it is whitewashed by sjw views. here

index.php?title=Political correctness&oldid=9018679

here's Wikipedia on Political Correctness from 2004

Political correctness is the alteration of language said by proponents to redress real or alleged unjust discrimination or to avoid offense. The term most often appears in the form politically correct or PC, and is usually used mockingly or disparagingly. One purpose of politically correct language is to prevent the exclusion or the offending of people based upon differences or handicaps.

The reasoning postulated by proponents for using politically correct terminology is to bring peoples' unconscious biases into awareness, allowing them to make a more informed choice about their language and making them aware of things different people might find offensive. Two common examples of this practice are to use the word disabled in preference to crippled, and mentally ill in preference to crazy. However, the new terms are often awkward, euphemistic substitutes for the original stark language concerning differences such as race, gender, sexual orientation and disability, religion and political views.

In scientific study, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis that language influences thought, was first developed by Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf working independently of each other. Their work remains controversial. In its strong form, the hypothesis states that, for example, sexist language promotes sexist thought. This theory is also the basis of Newspeak in George Orwell's popular book about totalitarianism, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

i read up on Ajit Pai (FCC chairman, who dismantled net neutrality) and i think he's a good guy.

2017-12-14 Wikipedia Ajit Pai

transformer for your daughter STEM

transformer toy. 3 modes. spaceship, cargoship, dino mecha. get this for your daughter, prepare her for STEM.

transformer toy
transformer titans return trypticon

Rihanna, and Torture of White Woman

see Social Divide is Created by Tech Companies, the “like” Buttons

Melissa Chen: How Postmodernism Attacks Enlightenment Values

Melissa Chen: How Postmodernism Attacks Enlightenment Values
Melissa Chen is a Genome scientist born in Singapore. This is part of the talks at Mythcon 2017.

follow her at

youtube anti-sjw crowd

didn't like Joe Rogan guy. have watched maybe 4 of his videos, interviewing others.

basically, joe is lackluster. Not funny, not charismatic, no original opinions, not that bright.

if u wanna watch vid of anti-sjw crowd, youtube

camile paglia. This is fierce, most erudite, machine gun cut throat mouth. spectacular.

jordan peterson. Now he's rich, and shits all over with his videos and lectures. but anyway, he's kinda typical academician. very precise with his words, yet, you can understand.

char limit fuck is about to hit me. continued.

karen straughan, jesus, this chick, is one of the brightest mind. Not a professor like the others, yet, she knows stuff, and fierce, and with arguments, can tear the sjw fuckheads down.

i learned quite a lot insights from her on the male female issue.

though, many of her later vids aimed at her followers, she's got this nasty sneering attitude. But in public or other interview, she's more representable. She KNEW, what she's doing.

cassie jaye. She, is very bright, traditional, feminine, extremely reasoned, and gentle and kind. you can say she's mainstream. She's the maker of the Red Pill movie. Now best selling. You learn lots things. She used to be the typical sjw feminist, and made several films on such, advocating typical sjw fuck. That's all before her Red Pill.

now, milo, is a smart, quick witted, and knowledgeable, young man, gay and handsome too boot. However, he, isn't a intellectual, meaning, there's nothing, zero, of his says that would amounts to shit. He just tear down idiocy of sjw, and in the most dramatic, flamboyant, offensive, way. For himself.

Tucker Carson talking with Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes Character

Anderson Cooper, Tucker Carson, Megan Kelly

Anderson Cooper, when you see him off anchor, e.g. in talk shows, is of low intellect. In contrast, Megan Kelly is very smart, on and off news stage.


now the pushy Tucker Carlson, is a host to all reasonable people, because the sjw left made no recourse. Tucker is a right wing version of anderson cooper (i used to like). both sport pokerface, and handsome.

how to be a good lier

one way to be a good lier, is to lie to yourself. Don't ever question it. Equate the thought with most vile evil. This way, when you lie, you have conviction. No biological symptoms. Politicians etc, do this well.

this can be applied science, if you are sjw, emacs, open source, organized religion, or any ideology. In fact, it's how ego works, unconsciously.

but of course, the cosmos stay unmoved by your tricks. When push comes to shove, and if you lose, you'd be damned, and regarded as the most evil. As many politicians came to downfall, may realize it, with, or sans, regret.

Wilfrid Laurier University Lindsay Shepherd gender pronoun incidence