Wilfrid Laurier University Lindsay Shepherd gender pronoun incidence

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Free Speech Battle with Laurier University | Lindsay Shepherd | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report
Dec 1, 2017
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i've listened to the entire Lindsay Shepherd recording, at


“we need to talk”, and you are brought into a room, interrogated and fate given. Nobody knew what happened to you.

it's very much like a totalitarian regime. But how it differ from “normal” school discipline, seems to be, in the latter, there's the open public info and name of accuser. While in the sjw situation, all is “private” to “protect” the “victims”

The professors there, you can hear from their tone, are well-meaning. Oblivious of their bias. One actually went on length about the idea of “leftist becoming totalitarian” being ridiculous. They think they are the good guys.

if you want a short take of what's going on, see

[Here's the full recording of Wilfrid Laurier reprimanding Lindsay Shepherd for showing a Jordan Peterson video By Tristin Hopper. At http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/heres-the-full-recording-of-wilfrid-laurier-reprimanding-lindsay-shepherd-for-showing-a-jordan-peterson-video ]

Lindsay Shepherd's twitter is https://twitter.com/NewWorldHominin

Lindsay Shepherd