Periodic Dosage 2017-05

Captain America

David Wood, acts17apologetics

protester girl throw rock 2017 05 04 22568

Lone Star Cowgirls (new photo)

Star-Spangled Stars (minor update)

Starry Patriotic Neighborhood (updated)

Rebel Belles (added photo)

Mastodon, Larger and Larger Ban List

mammouthcafe mastodon ban list 2017 05 09
mastodon, going nowhere, anytime.

the sjw instances are growing their ban list.

mastodon has become less and less useful.

often, friends you follow will not show up.

basically, each instance is just its own island. Despite the “federated” connection, you can't really rely on being able to see your friend's posts.

transgenderism vs transracialism!

In late March, Hypatia, a feminist-philosophy journal, published an article titled “In Defense of Transracialism” by Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy at Rhodes College in Memphis, as part of its spring 2017 issue. The point of the article, as the title suggests, is to toy around with the question of what it would mean if some people really were — as Rachel Dolezal claimed — “transracial,” meaning they identified as a race that didn't line up with how society viewed them in light of their ancestry.

[This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like By Jesse Singal. At , accessed on 2017-05-02 ]

if you are confused, transgenderism is the tenet of the social justice warrior's view that gender is from gender spectrum man, as in the colors of the rainbow, in that there is no beginning and no end. It's murky! and you real man and sexy girls are crimes of humanity.

transracialism means, one-drop rule is bullshit, that we r all, one big mixed race!!! and you sjw are fuckfaces on earth.