Starry Patriotic Neighborhood

US Flag umbrella
Flag umbrella, from souvenir shop. Photo taken in Washington D.C., USA, 200410.
star'n'stripes windsock
A stars'n'stripes windsock at a apartment building balcony. Photo taken in Mountain View, CA, USA, 2005-04.
A US flag kite, above furnitures for sale, placed above sale rack for foods. The kite itself is for decoration only and is not for sale. 1120×840 Photo taken in Safeway supermarket, Mountain View, CA, USA. 2006-08. another view
US Flag decorated wind-spiral. 840×1120 Photo taken outside a shop in Monterey , California, USA, 2006-11.
US flag mailbox
Typical US Mail box painted in US flag. Photo taken in Mountain View (Silicon Valley), California, USA, 2004-08.
A flag decoration besides the door bell. Photo taken in Mountain View, California, USA, 2006-11. 1120×840
stars'n'stripes mudflap
A truck's mudflap. Photo taken in Maryland, 2004-10
“God bless America” bumper sticker
“God bless America” bumper sticker, Mountain View, CA, 2004-11.