Rebel Belles

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American artifacts with the rebel flag are rarer in comparison to the flooding stars'n'stripes. Still, they are quite common in Rebel States. The rebel flag, shaped in a double-crossed bars and studded by stars, is of significance in American history. It is the battle-flag of the Confederate States of America. It is a attestment of conflict of interest within the US American themselves.

A great number of WASP Americans are crazy about this period of American history. There are books, novels, museums, collectibles, official celebrations, parades, with outrageous mimicry and fanfare. From pop history telling to acting called reenactment.

rebel flag bikini girl 15263
rebel flag bikini girl 15263
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rebel flag bikini girl 60769
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Girls in the Rebel Flag swimwear.
Cover of the book The Damned Red Flags of the Rebellion, by Richard Rollins. Buy at amazon

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