Lone Star Cowgirls

By Xah Lee. Date:

Of American's love of flag swimwearers, aside from the inundating varieties of stars and stripes, there are also particular states that sport the flag swimwears of their own colors. In particular, Texas's Lone Star flag, and the warring cross of the Southen rebels. Especially for the latter, there is no shortage of their shape and design, from swimwear to gowns to painted mud-raking trucks to hunting-knife.

Taxas bikini girls
Girls of the Texas Bikini Team. image source
Taxes bikini team
Nisha Martin (left) and Felicia Basham, of Texas Bikini Team. image source
Texan babes
image source

It is hard to find photos of lone-star adorned things, especially if i don't live in Texas. If you have photos to contribute, please comment or email.

Texan babes
A mailbox painted in Texas's Lone Star theme, Austin, Texas. Photo from the film project “Z: A Zombie Musical” http://www.azombiemusical.com/ (used with permission) 2048×1536 The girls from left to right are: Junie, Kimberly, Bri. Here's another photo of the same mailbox with Kimberly: 614×461. For a star'n'stripes mailbox, see us_mailbox-s.jpg
Texan babes
3 girls in Texas flag bikini. image source