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Xah's Typical Day in the Past 4 Years

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Aftermath: Population Zero

Aftermath: Population Zero

Aftermath: Population Zero, Canadian special documentary film, published in 2008 on the National Geographic Channel. See Wikipedia for a textual summary of the film.

The White Savior Industrial Complex; Forrest Gump Syndrome

Dead. Amy Winehouse, 2011.

Drinking problems.

i don't even knew who she is, but remember reading about her in 2011.

of course, Whitney Houston. Problems too.

Of course, there's Steve Jobs (but this is cancer).

Michael Jackson. (drugs)

recent years, i noticed there are quite a lot others, who died due to psy problems or suicided.

since this past year i've been paying attention to these.

the guy in Kill Bill (David Carradine), died while masturbating and hanging himself. (i'd classify it as loneliness)

that UK fashion designer guy… Alexander McQueen (1969 to 2010) self-killed.

…then there's quite a few in the programing community.

lots problems. lots unhappiness.

see also: Censorship from Sex Blogger Violet Blue.

updated: Population Under the Firmament

Thomas Sowell's New Book: Intellectuals and Society

Read the reviews on amazon.

See also: Reading Notes on Basic Economics.

Lulzsec Got Bursted, Leader Betrayed Team

Camille Paglia on Lady Gaga

The Xah Offend Show

American Left: Forrest Gump Syndrome

Anonymous vs Google: the Origin of Anonymous

So You Want to Change the World?

Vancouver 2011 riot kissing couple

Kissing Couple in Riot

Humor: I Am Canadian (Video)

This is me juggling, 2002. Seems like yesterday.