Periodic Dosage Archive 2009-04

Perl Script for Removing Mac Resource Fork.

I'm switching from my 19 years of Mac/Unix experience to Windows/PC. For detail, see: Why I'm Switching from Mac/Unix To PC/Windows.

Some tidbits piled up from the past 3 months:

• On the peer-to-peer networks, apparently you can find a lot celebirity sex tapes. There is Pamela Anderson, Tonya Harding, Paris Hilton, which happened in the past decade or 2 which i've seen. But recently discovered Kim Kardashian's sex tape too. There are also Asian star ones Chu Mei-feng (璩美鳳). Apparently, Wikipedia has a list of them: Celebrity sex tape.

Ilona Staller (b1951-), a porn-star turned politician, of Italy.

• Watched 画皮 Painted Skin (2008 film). Great Chinese ghost story drama.

• Watched 葉問 Ip Man (2008). Great kungfu fighting, in particular, the film attempted to showcase the kungfu style of Wing Chun in a factual way.

Best Tool for Yak Shaving: Emacs

• Discovered Wikipedia article Labiaplasty. It means, basically, surgery to make your pussy libs more beautiful. While, there's also Labia stretching.

• Discovered Fire rainbow.

A Conflict of Visions, a book by Thomas Sowell. Always fascinating.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker, a urban legend. Interesting is to trace the social psychology of such stories. I heard this story back in Taiwan when i was about 13, and it was chillingly scary, just like how most kids perceive ghost stories. Other urban legend especially on internet includes the so-called “kidney heist” (wakeup after drunk to find your kidney missing.).

• Readed Jpeg2000, which is used in Second Life.

• Added a photo to Star Spangled Supermarket Things.

Discovered another motherfucking new-ageish post-modernistic idiot: John Cage, who's “compositions” includes silence, and piano with fucked up strings.

Others, in the visual arts field, include: Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Hans Hofmann and quite a few other fuckfaces. See: Abstract expressionism.

Xah Lee is the greatest avant-garde leader in post post modernistic essayist, whose epoch making work is a controversial essay titled “blank”, which is completely blank. He claims that it is impossible to not express something in a essay. Some scholars traces the philosophy of Xah Lee's work to Taoism, where nothingingness is something.

Second Life Demographics 2009 (tech, computing)

tele-dasher vendor poster-s
Xah Tele-dasher.

I've been busy coding Second Life's LSL in the past 2 months. See: Xah Productions.

In the past 3 weeks, i've been working on a particle generator in Second Life. Here's the final product: Xah Particle Maker.

“Interview of Don Syme Answering Questions on F#, C#, Haskell and Scala” at Very intelligent.

Humor Video: Video Piracy. (humor; video)