Star Spangled Supermarket Things

cakes in flag box
4 counts of turnover packaged in flag-adorned box, from Safeway supermarket in California, USA, 2003-08.
flag pizza box
Flag adorned pizza box. Photo taken by Stephen Hughes, ~2009-03, at Kennedy Space Center.
lanci sakta
Flag cake, baked to be sold for the 3rd anniversary of 9-11. Photo taken in Safeway supermarket, Mountain View, California, USA, 2004-09-10.
lanci jubme murta
Flag spanned tablecloth. Photo taken at a local supermarket (Safeway), Mountain View, California, USA, 2004-09.
lanci navni bolci
Star'n'Stripes star-shaped silver balloons, selling at a local supermarket (Safeway) Mountain View, California, USA. Photo taken on 2004-09-10.
flag balloons
Star'n'Stripes balloons in the shape of a heart, star, and disc. Note the messages printed on them: “United We Stand” and “PROUD TO BE AMERICAN”. Photo taken at a the supermarket Giant, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, 2004-10-02.
usa flag paper plates
Star spangled paper plates, at a Wal-Mart supermarket at Mountain View, CA, USA. 2006-06. These plates sell July 4th picnics.

flag dressflag swimsuit