Xah Particle Maker Manual

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Thank you for purchasing Xah Particle Maker. It is the finest particle maker in Second Life. If you don't have it yet, see where to buy at Xah Particle Maker, or get a free demo.

Xah Particle Maker 1.6.1 2
Xah Particle Maker.

Tutorial by Screenshot

Follow this 20 minutes Screenshot Tutorial to learn how to use.

Commands and Advanced Features

Xah Particle Maker allows you to type chat commands. Once you become familiar with SL particles, it's much faster to design your particle by using commands. This section tells you how to use the commands, and also tips and technical info for expert scripters.

See: Xah Particle Maker Manual: Advanced.

How To Do X?

See Xah Particle Maker Frequently Asked Questions.

The Xah Particle Maker has a inworld discussion group. The name of the group is “Xah Particle Maker users”. To join, type Ctrl+f to bring up the Search window. Then, Groups tab, then type “Xah Particle Maker users”.

Xah Particle Maker