Alaeddin; Or, The Wonderful Lamp

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Notes from Xah Lee

This is the unbowdlerized (uncensored) version of Sir Richard Burton's translation. (The Supplemental Nights to the Thousand Nights and a Night (six volumes, 1886 to 1888))

For a introduction to Arabian Nights and this online version, see: The Arabian Nights, Introduction by Xah Lee.

The Text of this online version is from, retrieved on , “Text scanned by JC Byers, proofread by Muhammad Hozien”. The HTML has been completely rewritten.

The annotation and editing are done by me (Xah Lee), started on 2005.

The footnotes with a double dagger sign ‡ are from Richard Burton. Some of these footnotes are arcane and only of interest to those studying the Middle East language or ethnology, or to scholars translating the work. Some of these footnotes are deleted. (but later on i got lazy and stopped removing them) However, any footnote of general interest, such as Islam culture or sexual matters, or things moralists may find offensive, are left intact.