Vexillology of World Cup 2006

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

The Brazilians, are unrivaled in their partying passion and sexual expression. Their smiles, the wildness in their party makeup, and exhibition of the feminine body, beats any other nation's fans, as can be seen in the following photographs and World Cup 2002 as well.

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Photo by Peter Fuchs. †‡ image source
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A fan making faces with a Brazilian hat and face mask. Photo by Peter Fuchs. †‡ image source
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A little girl wearing a Brazilian bandanna and toting a big Brazilian flag, sitting on her dad's shoulders. (presumably its her dad) Photo by “++Frank++”, 2006-06. ‡ image source
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Brazilian girls with various flag themed apparels. Photo by Arne Müseler. ‡
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«During the FIFA Worldcup there was a match between Brasil and Japan here in Dortmund Germany. This three ladies was dancing all the way to the stadium. They were together with a few samba musicians. You can imagine that there was a lot of people who tried to take a shot.» Photo by Peter Fuchs. † ‡4 image source

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