Vexillology of World Cup 2006

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
A beautiful girl, perhaps Eurasian blood, holding a Japanese fan, looking on, among a crowd cheering for Japan. «Fan Meile WM 2006 - Berlin, Germany. Japan - Kroatien» Photo by René Berlin, 2006-06. † image source
Saint George's cross underwears in shop. «Patriotic underpants at Leather Lane market, London.» Photo by Herschell Hershey, 2006-06. † image source
Muffins decorated with England's flag. «Gregg's bakers, Holloway Road, London.» Photo by Herschell Hershey, 2006-06. † image source

Another muffin photo: «Iced football cakes, at Mr Christian's deli, London N1. Sunday June 11,2006 » from Source

Captain America
Captain America. Photo by Bronko, 2006-06. † image source
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US fans with flag capes and flag hats. «FIFA Football Worldcup 2006 Germany - Gelsenkirchen - USA vs Czech Republic» Photo by Arne Müseler. ‡2
switzerland cape
Switzerland cape. Photo by Maggie. ‡2
Argentina cape
Argentina flag cape. Photo by Arne Müseler. ‡
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French flag capes. Photo by Arne Müseler. ‡

flag dressflag swimsuit