Vexillology of babes in World Cup 2002

By Xah Lee. Date:

World Cup 2002 football game at Korea and Japan. We see different culture's relations to their country's banners. (Photos on this page are published by Reuters. Used here by fair-use.)

All commentary are opinion only.

Brazilian girlBrazilian girls
BRAzilians with their unabashed sultriness.

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Brazilian girl

World cup fans
Unabashed sultry Brazillian with its glitzy carnival outfit and the unashamed English chicks with English high-hat.

girl with tits-showing shirt
This teats-showing diaphanousness represents the English Saint George's Cross.
American girl American girl
Young and brash and prim Americans with their star spangled enthus. On the left, the girl is wearing a cowboy hat. On the right, the girl is wearing a bandanna, T-shirt, pajama shorts, reflecting the cultured informality of their country. Also note the cross necklace above the girl's cleavage. USA, like England and much of Europe, is a God-believing country of the Christian sect, Protestant and Mormon factions in particular.

Brazilian fans and Turkish fans
Contrast between Brazilians and Turks (for some reason the Turks are also waving Japanese flag.).

flag dressflag swimsuit