Chapter 7: Brevity Is The Soul Of Language: Pro-sumti And Pro-bridi

1. What are pro-sumti and pro-bridi? What are they for?

2. Personal pro-sumti: the mi-series

3. Demonstrative pro-sumti: the ti-series

4. Utterance pro-sumti: the di'u-series

5. Assignable pro-sumti and pro-bridi: the ko'a-series and the broda-series

6. Anaphoric pro-sumti and pro-bridi: the ri-series and the go'i-series

7. Indefinite pro-sumti and pro-bridi: the zo'e-series and the co'e-series

8. Reflexive and reciprocal pro-sumti: the vo'a-series

9. sumti and bridi questions: “ma” and “mo”

10. Relativized pro-sumti: “ke'a”

11. Abstraction focus pro-sumti: “ce'u”

12. Bound variable pro-sumti and pro-bridi: the da-series and the bu'a-series

13. Pro-sumti and pro-bridi cancelling

14. The identity predicate: du

15. lujvo based on pro-sumti

16. KOhA cmavo by series

17. GOhA and other pro-bridi by series

17. Other cmavo discussed in this chapter