Chapter 7: Brevity Is The Soul Of Language: Pro-sumti And Pro-bridi

12. Bound variable pro-sumti and pro-bridi: the da-series and the bu'a-series

The following cmavo are discussed in this section:

da  KOhA    da-series   something-1
de  KOhA    da-series   something-2
di  KOhA    da-series   something-3
bu'a    GOhA    bu'a-series some-predicate-1
bu'e    GOhA    bu'a-series some-predicate-2
bu'i    GOhA    bu'a-series some-predicate-3    

Bound variables belong to the predicate-logic part of Lojban, and are listed here for completeness only. Their semantics is explained in Chapter 16. It is worth mentioning that the Lojban translation of ✥1.2 is:

✥12.1    la djan. cu lafti
    da poi grana ku'o
    gi'e desygau da
John raised
    something-1 which is-a-stick
    and shake-did something-1
John picked up a stick and shook it.