Chapter 10: Imaginary Journeys: The Lojban Space/Time Tense System

1. Introductory

2. Spatial tenses: FAhA and VA

3. Compound spatial tenses

4. Temporal tenses: PU and ZI

5. Interval sizes: VEhA and ZEhA

6. Vague intervals and non-specific tenses

7. Dimensionality: VIhA

8. Movement in space: MOhI

9. Interval properties: TAhE and “roi”

10. Event contours: ZAhO and “re'u”

11. Space interval modifiers: FEhE

12. Tenses as sumti tcita

13. Sticky and multiple tenses: KI

14. Story time

15. Tenses in subordinate bridi

16. Tense relations between sentences

17. Tensed logical connectives

18. Tense negation

19. Actuality, potentiality, capability: CAhA

20. Logical and non-logical connections between tenses

21. Sub-events

22. Conversion of sumti tcita: JAI

23. Tenses versus modals

24. Tense questions: “cu'e”

25. Explicit magnitudes

26. Finally (an exercise for the much-tried reader)

27. Summary of tense selma'o

28. List of spatial directions and direction-like relations