Chapter 10: Imaginary Journeys: The Lojban Space/Time Tense System

27. Summary of tense selma'o

temporal direction pu ⇔ past, ca ⇔ present, ba ⇔ future ZI temporal distance zi ⇔ short, za ⇔ medium, zu ⇔ long ZEhA temporal interval ze'i ⇔ short, ze'a ⇔ medium, ze'u ⇔ long, ze'e ⇔ infinite ROI objective quantified tense flag noroi = never, paroi ⇔ once, ..., roroi ⇔ always, etc. TAhE subjective quantified tense di'i ⇔ regularly, na'o = typically, ru'i ⇔ continuously, ta'e ⇔ habitually ZAhO event contours see c10-§10
spatial direction see c10-§27 VA spatial distance vi ⇔ short, va ⇔ medium, vu ⇔ long VEhA spatial interval ve'i ⇔ short, ve'a ⇔ medium, ve'u ⇔ long, ve'e ⇔ infinite VIhA spatial dimensionality vi'i ⇔ line, vi'a ⇔ plane, vi'u ⇔ space, vi'e ⇔ space-time FEhE spatial interval modifier flag fe'enoroi ⇔ nowhere, fe'eroroi = everywhere, fe'eba'o ⇔ beyond, etc. MOhI spatial movement flag mo'i ⇔ motion; see c10-§27
set or reset sticky tense tense+“ki” ⇔ set, “ki” alone ⇔ reset CUhE tense question, reference point cu'e = asks for a tense or aspect nau ⇔ use speaker's reference point JAI tense conversion jaica ⇔ the time of, jaivi ⇔ the place of, etc.