Epiphany in a Dream: Seat as Inverted Ass

By Xah Lee. Date:

Had a weird dream. Hard to remember the details, but the gist is that it's a epiphany about a elegant description of a idea that's a mix of linguistics and art, and was said (or written) by someone, that i need to blog about it with reference.

Here i'll try to describe what i can recall, it's all fuzzy. You know that human ass is padded by muscle for sitting? Seats, leather seats, are in some sense its inverse. That is, a padded surface of skin. (think of bar stool) That's the epiphany part. Then, this was mentioned somewhere, i forgot where, but described in such a elegant way that shows some linguistic elegance and the gist of the idea.

While lucid dreaming near waking, i vividly recall i need to write it down and blog about it because it's such a gem, but then i was debating whether i should, because at the time the whole thing is crystal clear, and that this idea seems well known. But then i was trying hard to go over it again, get the details, just in case. What that little effort is what made this writting now possible. Of course, in the dream, it carries quite far more significance than what little sense i described here.

bar stool

Seat as inverted ass. LOL. That was the dream.