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Whoa! Thanks, Xah. Truly recherché beauties, the crème de la crème! Heck, they almost make homo sapiens seem like an attractive species. ☺
philosopher friend Paul Kiesow, exclaimed upon receiving photos of leggy women.
recherché = Sought out with care; choice. Hence: of rare quality, elegance, or attractiveness; peculiar and refined in kind. The word came from obsolete French “recerche”, meaning, to search, research.

Note the word origin. So, when someone sent you a photo of a exotically beautiful woman, and you exclaimed “Wow, who is she?”, then that means she's “recherché”.

A Choker Romance

Have you heard this ghost story? The guy met a ravishingly beautiful girl, slept with her, then next day, waking up, she's not moving. When he unclasped the band-styled necklace she's wearing, her head rolled off on the floor?

Moral: never date a girl who wears a chocker.

The Adventure of the German Student by Washington Irving, 1824.

And, check out on Google Map the places where the public execution by guillotine was.

PS is there a name for the style of necklace that covers around the neck? Collar-styled necklace?

Am looking for the correct word, for example: the term used among necklace merchants, fashion critics, or among Haute Couture community.

For this Halloween, thou shall read horror! My other favorite is: The Masque of the Red Death , by Edgar Allan Poe, 1842.

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梨花淚 (Pear Blossom Tears)

Haiku: Rapacious

I posted a word-a-day on the word Rapacious. http://wordy-english.blogspot.com/2011/10/rapacious.html

A poet, [miriam dunn https://plus.google.com/111983961140937248134/about], composed this [ haiku ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku ]:

picking off the meat
~ from the bones of night long dead
rapacious sunrise

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