apostrophe should be ban'd

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apostrophe should be ban'd

in recent half-a-year, am beginning to think that apostrophe should be ban'd.

and, just came upon this Wikipedia passage:

George Bernard Shaw, a proponent of English spelling reform on phonetic principles, argued that the apostrophe was mostly redundant. He did not use it for spelling cant, hes, etc. in many of his writings. He did, however, allow I'm and it's.[64] Hubert Selby, Jr. used a slash instead of an apostrophe mark for contractions and did not use an apostrophe at all for possessives.

Over the years, the use of apostrophes has been criticised. George Bernard Shaw called them “uncouth bacilli”.

In his book American Speech, linguist Steven Byington stated of the apostrophe that “the language would be none the worse for its abolition.”

Adrian Room in his English Journal article “Axing the Apostrophe” argued that apostrophes are unnecessary and context will resolve any ambiguity.[67] In a letter to the English Journal, Peter Brodie stated that apostrophes are “largely decorative…[and] rarely clarify meaning”.[68]

Dr. John C. Wells, Emeritus Professor of Phonetics at University College London, says the apostrophe is “a waste of time”.[67]

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