Second Life Product Market Value

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Look at this item . (be sure to check out all the screenshots)

It sells for about $100 USD, and people are buying it. I estimate that it takes about single person 3 weeks to make. If you compare it to software, the ratio of market value over effort is way higher. For example, if you are a game programer, you can code for 3 months, and resulting a product that you can sell for maybe $20. And, to be a game programer actually takes a few years more training and knowledge than building and scripting in Second Life.

My Particle Maker [] sells for ~$14 USD, and i sell close to 2 per week since i made it in 2009-04. It took me about 3 weeks full time to create. I have not even spend time on marketing for the past 7 months.

I think the reason for this is because Second Life is a new market. For example, computer games market have been around for 20 or 30 years, Second Life only few years and not yet main stream.

A bit of rare juicy info on sl business. Here's a quote from Wikipedia Second life:

According to figures published by Linden Lab, about 64,000 users made a profit in Second Life in February 2009, of whom 38524 made less than US$10, while 233 made more than US$5000 [21]. Profits are derived from selling virtual goods, renting land, and a broad range of services. In March 2009, it has become known that there exist a few Second Life entrepreneurs, whose profits exceed 1 million US$ per year[22].

Some companies generate US dollar earnings from services provided in Second Life. Examples are,[23] Rivers Run Red[24], BNT Holdings, and Beta Technologies.[25] This opportunity is extending to normal residents and non-Second Life users via affiliate programs.[26] The total value of these transactions has not been calculated but in 2008 consultancy firms Rivers Run Red and Electric Sheep have reported annual revenues of $6 million.

The reference 21 about who made what amount, is from sl official site: That page is raw data, you'll need to do some computation to get a readable summary.

The reference about those making millions, is from a blog: Top Second Life Entrepeneur Cashing Out US$1.7 Million Yearly; Furnishings, Events Management Among Top Earners By Wagner James Au. At

The source of this millions claim is from Robin Harper's blog

Robin Harper sl million 2022-03-19 RYzG
Robin Harper's blog Source

Apparently, Robin was a VP of Marketing and Community Developmen at Linden Labs, and left in 2009-02.

Robin being a VP is readily verified on web. Here's a article:, and here:

robin-linden-leaves 2022-03-19 SdhW

Here's Robin's linkedin url: [ ]

There are 2 sl millionaire i'm aware of: Anshe Chung (Ailin Graef) and Stroker Serpentine (Kevin Alderman).

(YouTube video dead.) [] CBS Interview with Stroker Serpentine

Here's a interesting article that describes how Second Life is really a Pyramid scheme , and all the economy news are delusional in nature:

sl ponzi Randolph Harrison 2007 2022-03-19
SecondLife: Revolutionary Virtual Market or Ponzi Scheme? by Randolph Harrison, 2007-01-23.

I believe what the article said is largely true. Here's a follow up article:

sl ponzi Randolph Harrison 2007 2022-03-19 hk8H
The Linden dollar Game, 2007-02-20

See: “Anshe Chung cnet interview grief” (2007-01)

the video above is gone. But here's another interview.

Second Life - Stroker Serpentine

this video, by National Geographic, is rather forced. It tries to paint a picture.