Second Life: How to Give Out Things Full Perm But Not Script

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

So i have made a fantastic creation called xyz, that is made of one prim with one single script in it. Am selling it with Copy perm.

Now i also created a demo version of it, and it is fantastic. I want the demo version to be given out as Copy and Trans, so that next owner can freely pass the demo version and it can spread. The demo version will periodically chat buy location in channel 0.

If you want a obj to be Copy and Trans, it means all the scripts inside must also be Copy and Trans. But, if so, it means the next owner can take the script out, and freely copy and trans the scripts. They can just create a new obj and put the script in, and pretty much have a working thing without my prim with my name on it.

So, how to solve this? In your script, check the prim's creator. If not you, then delete the script. In effect, you are putting some security code into your script. If some condition isn't met, the script won't work.

Another issue with sl perm system is this: suppose you have a vendor, and when people pay, it gives out your product xyz. You want the vendor to be Copy and Trans. But the item xyz should just be Copy. What can you do? One solution is to have the vendor query a server and have the server obj deliver. This is how most advanced vendor do anyway.

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