Feminism Perving 2013-11

The Red Queen's Hypothesis

Moralism and ignorance are responsible for the constant stereotyping of prostitutes by their lowest common denominator -- the sick, strung-out addicts, couched on city stoops, who turn tricks for drug money…. The most successful prostitutes in history have been invisible. That invisibility was produced by their high intelligence, which gives them the power to perceive, and move freely but undetected in the social frame. The prostitute is a superb analyst, not only in evading the law but in initiating the unique constellation of convention and fantasy that produces a stranger's orgasm. She lives by her wits as much as her body. She is a psychologist, actor, and dancer, a performance artist of hyper-developed sexual imagination.

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every 2 years or so, in the past decade, i've been web searching on How To Deep Throat. Typically, there's just a handful pages, and the quality of the tutorial isn't great, as far as i can tell.

but today, on YouTube, wow, a ton of it, of girl showing you how to, with a banana or such.

society has improved.

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