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Texas cowboys
Texas cowboys.
Kill Bill screenshot
My name is Buck, and i'm here to fuck.
Honkies of Texas, USA.
cute black girl
A look of inquisition.
expression of smugness
The expression of smugness.
worry look
A look of worry.
A mock pity. Her code name is California Mountain Snake.
Ninja Turtle
Ninja Turtle, ready to kill.
Japanese pop
Modern Japan mimicry of Western decadence.
evincing of wikidness
The evincing of wikidness.
The art of visualize dying.
face of elitism
The face of elitism.
foot of elitism
The foot of elitism, stepping on gas.
amputation of a girl
A nubile female human animal suffering from involuntary, spontaneous, cutting off of her arm.
ninja turtle
Ninja Turtle with a cutlery in his body.
ax on head
Ax on head.
oriental girl
Seizing of a moment.
Off with his head. A public showcasing of supremacy.
A variation of decapitation. Technically, in such a situation, the human animal will not be dead for quite a while, and probably will remain conscious. Possibly still functional in hearing and speech, but may be retarted.

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