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Leda and the Swan is a classic subject in the arts.

leda and the swan Maurice Ferrary 25781
«“Leda and the Swan” 1898 to 1900, Maurice Ferrary (1852 to 1904), Marble, green onyx and bronze, height 50.08cm»

The story behind this painting, is that the all powerful god Zeus, shape-shifted himself into a swan so that he can cheat into fucking Leda. The outcome of this zoophilia, is the conception of Helen and Clytemnestra and twin Castor and Pollux. Of which, Helen is famed as the most beautiful woman, and the Trojan War is a war fought over her. While, the twin Caster and Pollux, is famously known as the Gemini (Latin for twin), and a constellation is named after them.

Leda and the Swan
From The Scindia Museum, [ Gwalior ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwalior ], Madhya Pradesh, India. [image source http://www.shunya.net/Pictures/NorthIndia/Gwalior/Gwalior.htm ]
~2c BCE.
leda and swan 07860
leda and swan. Bronze, Roman Imperial, ~1c CE, height: 14.7 cm. http://www.thecityreview.com/s03sant.html
Leda and the Swan
from web, unknown.
Leda and the Swan by Antonio Abondio
A coin (1550s) made by the sculptor [ Antonio Abondio ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Abondio ] (1538 to 1591). [image source nga.gov.au ]
lady and the swan, by Ava West
«Leda And The Swan Hat By Ava West» http://tribeca.net/home/comma/leda-and-the-swan-hat
leda swan-mosaic Paphos 2-s
Leda And The Swan mosaic at Aphrodite temple, [ Kouklia ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kouklia ], Cyprus. (Image © 2005 Ken Fairfax, used by permission. image source)

Here's quote from Ken Fairfax's site:

Kouklia was the home to a cult of Aphrodite from at least 3,800 BC and was mentioned in many ancient texts, including Homer's Iliad. The temple complex is now largely in ruins but the many art treasures found there are now in museums in New York, Paris, London and Nicosia.

This is actually a copy of a 3rd century AD mosaic of Leda and the Swan at Kouklia. The original is in the museum but this copy was placed in the exact spot where the original was found.

Aphrodite is the goddess of copulation, worshied at Cyprus, her birth place.The temple was active from 12th cnetury BC to 4th C AD.

Leda et le Cygne 1740 Attribue a Francois Boucher 72138
“Leda and the Swan”, ~1740. Attributed to [ Francois Boucher ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francois_Boucher ]. (1703-70)
leda swan 0673
“Leda and the Swan”, ~1910, by C A Holland. image source
leda and the swan michelangelo 79826
Leda and the Swan, 1530, by Michelangelo.
Leda and the swan  Roman oil lamp 1c AD 15905 s
Leda and the swan terracotta, Roman oil lamp 1c AD 15905 4140×3055 [image source flickr, photo by Carole Raddato]

Leda and the Swan

Leda and the Swan