Periodic Dosage 2017-08

ANTIFA assaults disabled veteran in a wheelchair

Southern Poverty Law Center = scam

the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is one of the biggest money scam cult now. Am surprised that Apple and Google putting millions into it.

[Why Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Targeting Liberals? By Ayaan Hirsi Ali. At , accessed on 2017-08-26 ]

mirror mirror on the wall, who is evil?

Evil, usually appear innocuous. To me, the sjw left looks more Nazi than the Nazi flag totters in USA.

if you want to understand how evil such as Nazi rise, watch this film

China Red Guards and the SJW Millenials

the sjw left is actually quite similar to China red guards. Smash/burn traditional things. Communism. murder classicists, such as professors.

It's American Cultural Revolution.

To understand Cultural Revolution, watch this excellent film. Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬

you see the horror of China from 1940s to 1970s. Rotting from within.

china red guards 618
China Red Guards

Discovered Blockbot

full thread at

part of my reply to a friend:

yes. Am of the opinion that even the functionality of blocking, should not be there.

mute is reasonable i think.

it's words, it's not harassment.

what's more sinister is that, since say 3 years ago, the sjw left has this massive idea of “bullying” or “harrassment”, “microagression”, truly neurotic, and wanted authority to take steps.

if someone says fuck you, you can say fuck you right back.

but now, instead of individual freedom, and letting people fight out ideas, we have massive authoritarian movement, that massively ban, block, certain people or idea. Or, those “report this” feature on every website now. That's the problem begin.

this blockbot thing, isn't the real issue. Sure, some hacker creates it, some people use it, am for it. But the problem is, today such tools are part of politics, massively used, for political fight. Mastodon ban list is a good example.

Of recent googlememo incident, we also see, the sjw left googlers has blacklists, of other googlers they don't want to work with. And this is within the Google Do No Evil company, among googlers against each other. Don't you see that's sinister?

the outcome of this, is just more hatred, creating more political closed-door factions, mutually intolerant, and now we escalate into violence.

you know Lew, in the 1990s, 2000s, we don't have nothing like this. We are, liberals, libertarian, and pro open source, pro freedom, pro free speech. But today, those all considered all bad. You are an oldbie, don't you see this?

USA, Rotting from Within

high respect to this Tim Pool guy.


Personally, I think the problem arose, from political correctness since 1990s. It set the foundation of collapse today.

and from another perspective, perhaps it's the natural cycle of the collapse from affluence, as Camille Paglia has said.

when you are affluent, your life is too good, you lost touch with reality. In the case of sjw left, you start to feel guilt, and a need to do good to redeem your cosmo wantings. They start to drill on the minority, crippled, women, sex, and race.

Things are still pretty good in early 2010s. We even had a black president for the 1st time, for 2 terms. (And i supported Obama).

But all of a sudden, since Hillary the scum ran election playing on women card and race card, things got really bad. You got this army of militant and intolerant sjw leftists, and everything is about racism sexism. And in a very twisted way, the foundation of USA the Free Speech, is somehow a bad idea, and somehow Islam is great and Christian is bad. And now they openly embrace communism and racism against white people. (Asian is not spared, by the way) They openly despise founding fathers of USA, taking down statues, taking down statue or portraits of founders of universities, promote not just gay, attack those traditional women and men, spreading hate and inciting race issues.

In 1990s and 2000s, the bleedingheart liberals are mostly the well-to-do white men. White collar class, university professors, for example. It's hard to find minority or black person that take their stance.

but today, you have blacklivematters stuff, of black people, actively engaging violence.

The liberal today, is no longer liberal. Everything else, including libertarians, who disagree with sjw left ideology, is now labeled “alt right” or neonazi, by mainstream media.

it's a hard problem to solve. Because there are quite a lot of the sjw left. Not big percentage of the usa population, but in absolute numbers, a lot. Half or most of university college students, the millenials.

and it's quite sinister. These people, deeply believe they are morally superior. If you disagree on their ideology, they deem it proper that you be taken down.

There are lots of them the programing field too. If you dare to say you disagree with the sjw left opinions, you are likely to lose friends you known. But worse, you may be harrassed or become the target of violence.

What You Need To Know About #Charlottesville From An Unbiased Perspective
#UniteTheRight Madness: Interview w/ James Allsup

terror is going on right now. If u want to see the right side, here #UniteTheRight , left side here #charlottesville

#MarchOnGoogle see

what's your politics?

hey my friend, am not sure what's your politics, so am going to be careful. I'll state my stance in few tweets. below. Thanks.

1 i support women, gay. Now, the “lgbt” the phrase is something else, it's been long it became a political thing, it's not really about women etc.

2 i don't support lgbt or sjw leftist antifa etc beating people. nor do i support people beating middle east people. beating is no good.

3 today, according to mainstream media, anything that's not the sjw left is “alt right” or “far right”.

4 am a classic liberal, or, libertarian. I support Bernie Sanders, or Jill Stein, for example. and by the way, party label isn't important.

5 ok. that's it. What is your political view? i don't quite understand. Were you displeased at my tweets?

here's 3 scientists i know related to sex. follow them for the real thing.

google firing Damore poll 2017-08-10. Not sure how trust worthy is the poll, but here it is. from Business Insider

google firing Damore poll 2017 08 10 9da5c
google firing Damore poll 2017-08-10

Annotated Guide of Who to Follow for #Anti1984

so quickly, usa is becoming a totalitarian/communism state

1 so quickly, usa is becoming a totalitarian/communism state.

2 the Big Brother 1984 state, I'd thought as we watch it it won't happen. Turns out, it stem from within, the “help minority” people the sjw.

3 this is similar to how Nazi rose, or the Maoist China, it is, by the people. At first, it seems doing good, then it got big, and you can't exit.

4 the mainstream media, are all heavily corrupt, controlled by concentrated power and ideology, spreading propaganda.

1 the sjw leftist, is today the all powerful. They are the power, the mainstream. That's one way know which side you should be.

2 if you speak out, you'll be hated, and by lots of your friends too. In a sense, you became the rebel, the minority.

3 one wonder about history, how atrocities arise, million deaths, and often, supported by massive number of people, that's the majority.

4 on twitter, many programers, still don't know many recent incidents. They don't c ur posts, cuz twitter etc, controls info. fakenews daily.

5 ur friends say, hey you are reasonable guy, why are you now this hateful? and basically it became impossible to explain.

6 this happens in rise of Nazi, in America genocide of indians, in China cultural revolution, etc. There are few good guys standing up, but hopeless.

7 when 99% of people say gay is crime, and you are the 1% defending gay, hope is slim, and you'll be beatean up.

8 moral/ethical concept changes over time, over cultures. At 1 time in 1 region, there's 1 mainstream thought. disagree = beaten up.

9 it's not all hopeless. Over the past 6 months, i've followed and learned A LOT! from people on twitter against sjw. Opened my eyes.

Google's ideological echo chamber

“Google's ideological echo chamber” nice video summary, first 5 minutes.

“I Hope You Can Speak Chinese” by Mister Metokur. Published on Aug 5, 2017.

The full doc:


someone actually has the courage to say it, at Google. To say it these days, risks losing job, get beaten, doxxed, etc.

you can do it only if you have strong base. Also, as of now, the sjw problem is getting more recognized as a problem.

mainstream corps, are pro-left, only cuz sjw left ideology is selling point. But as more people woke, the corps will follow where money is.

likewise, many sjw are so to climb social ladder. But if mainstream ideology changes, they'll change tune or disappear.

the root of the problem isn't sjw, but always the current in power. That was nazi in Germany, conservatives + god in usa, and today sjw left.

majority of people, are conformists. They follow whatever thought currently is in fashion about good/evil. And they try to attack evil.

most Germany people, in Nazi era, see jew or communists as evil. And just 20 years ago, gay, made average people angry. They try to do vigilante justice. Today, if you don't buy gay marriage etc, u r seen as nazi.

dan arel tweet 2017 08 02
danarel tweet

on twitter, there's a leftist scum Dan Arel. look at his tweets, full of blatant lies, hate, and inciting violence.