Periodic Dosage 2013-11

Lets Forgive Our Dead Enemies: the Pardoning of Alan Turing

wikipedia is not without controversies in its reliability. However, in general, if you are a learned man, and read it frequently, you basically know by heart which parts is not trustworthy.

when you are a learned man (as in, you have several degrees, or is a scholar, and often minimally knowledgeable in diverse fields from sciences to humanity, such as philosopher), you can basically tell when you read something that came across as funny, wikipedia or not. Because, you know what you know and what you don't know, and you have good experience of seeing questionable content.

And, if you do use wikipedia a lot, you also know which type of article, or part of the writing style, is red ink.

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hacker Jeremy Hammond got 10 years jail

Jeremy Hammond, a hacker, got 10 years.

Jeremy seems to be a good person. The “crime” he got 10 years for, is the 2012-13 Stratfor email leak, published by wikileaks. The leaked info is full of government spy stuff.

I care. but in our complicated modern society, it seems there's little one can do. One either minds his own survival, or become a full time activist or politician.

the whole US should adopt 1 single time zone. Actually, the whole world should adopt 1 single zone. Local business set day/night hours.