Periodic Dosage Archive 2011-04

Discovered a essay: the Barbarism of Specialization. See also: Futuristic Calamity.

Also, discovered a term for what i believe. Moral nihilism. Quote:

Moral nihilism (also known as ethical nihilism or amoralism), is the meta-ethical view that nothing is moral or immoral. For example, a moral nihilist would say that killing someone, for whatever reason, is neither inherently right nor inherently wrong. Morality may simply be a kind of make-believe, a complex set of rules and recommendations that represents nothing real and is seen as a human creation.[1]

See also: Why Do I Not Support the “Human Right” Concept?.

Also, discovered the term Perspectivism. Quote:

Perspectivism is the philosophical view developed by Friedrich Nietzsche that all ideations take place from particular perspectives. This means that there are many possible conceptual schemes, or perspectives in which judgment of truth or value can be made. This implies that no way of seeing the world can be taken as definitively "true", but does not necessarily entail that all perspectives are equally valid.

Chinese Kung Fu Movie Nationalism (video and comentary)

“Heineken Commercial - The Entrance”.

See: Heineken Commercial - The Entrance (The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)

The site sold itself out and has become (Wikipedia has some detail here: The site's nature completely changed. All materials got censored and cleaned. I'm forthwith removing all links from my site to it. There are 19 of them, on the following pages:

Sennheiser HD800 Headphone
There are headphones that costs $1500. See: “Sennheiser HD800 Over-Ear Circum-Aural Dynamic Premiere Headphone” Buy at amazon

See also: Gaming Headset Reviews.

Raelians at Love Hug Festival in Seoul South Korea
Raelians at Love Hug Festival in Seoul, South Korea. image source

Discovered a UFO cult: Raëlism. See: Cults: Lawsonomy, David Icke, Moonie, Falun Gong, Raelism.

This one is highely recommended.

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Logitech “Ultimate Ears 500vi Noise-Isolating Headset” Buy at amazon

See: Gaming Headset Reviews.

Michael J Fox, interviewed by Katie Couric.

Sexy Women: Katie Couric, Camille Paglia, Jane Hamsher.

health, thoughts, essay: Is Barefoot Running Healthier?.

The first step towards moral progress is to replace the word “human being” and “humanity” with “human animal”.