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Some funny 4chan picts.

Moot 4chan god
This girl character is Moot. She's a personification of 4chan's creator Christopher Poole.

On 4chan, “everything” is a cute japanese anime girl. Note that Wikipedia in 2006 also used a cute under-age japanese anime girl as mascot, but never became official.

Wikipedia girl Wikipe-tan
Wikipedia girl, unofficial mascot.

4chan is started by Christopher Poole, aka Moot.

4chan Mascots 2011

4chan mascots
“4chan mascots” 2011. These are some popular figures, or “memes” that appears on 4chan.

top row, lef to right

long white cat
red W blonde
a personification of a ex-admin. (W. T. Snacks,
brunette cat ear girl
pumpkin shirt girl
the “wry guy” meme, from a video game. Wry

2nd row

green face in suite
rubber duck tear
?Tear tattoo. The tear tattoo was used by gangsters who have killed.
white owl
O RLY Owl.
black hair girl pink shirt
is Osaka (春日歩, 大阪) in Azumanga Daioh (笑園漫畫大王). Am not sure what's the significance.
smiley penis
“Teh Rei”, a phrase derived rom 4chan in response to any porn version of the character Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.
Raptor Jesus. Force behind the joke: “Nowere in the bible does it say that jesus isn't a raptor.”.

3rd row

smiling guy
Cockmongler. A silly meme of a photo of a smiling guy.
brown bear
Pedobear. A mockery of pedophile.
redhead cat ears red nose
hand sticking out mouth
is the “No U!” guy. It embodies the ultimate rebuttal in online forums.

bottom row

Green haired little girl
Yotsuba. A character from a Japanese cartoon, but is used by 4chan as mascot.
black guy red bandana
?? a pornographer

Lol Cat and O RLY Owl

A photo of a cat -- the origin of the “longcat”.

The white cat is actually not lolcat, but a variant, called longcat.

o rly owl ya rly owl
O RLY Owl and YA RLY Owl -- the correct response.

4chan Roll Call -- a Gamut of Human Sexual Preferences

4chan rollcall
“4chan roll call”

The pedobear is the most famous. Many of the other names came from Japanese sub-culture.

Scatology (shit lovers). See: 2 Girls 1 Cup.
Futanari (The love of {androgyny, hermaphrodite, shemale}.)
Shotacon (Women who love young boys; opposite of lolicon (lolita).)
Yuri (genre) (girl girl love, catered to male audience. Opposite of yaoi.)
Ero guro (grotesque, horror, gore. e.g. amputee love, alien sex, H R Giger.) (See also: the Glorification of Female with Limblessness)
Vorarephilia (eating or being eaten; sexual cannibalism. See: Second Life Dolcett.)
sadomasochism. Justine by Marquis de Sade (Hardcore Sadomasochism)
Furry (anthropomorphic animals, or, zoophilia, bestiality.) [see Animal Love in Second Life]
Pedobear (Pedophilia)
Yaoi (boy boy love; mostly catered to female audience. Opposite of yuri.)
vanilla ice cream.
Urolagnia (piss love)

The Meaning of 4chan?

4chan relationship
“4chan relationship”
4chan time to stop posting

Thanks to meowcat and others for corrections.