Erotic Artwork

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The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting. —attributed to Gloria Leonard (born 1940)

girl diver and octopuses
《蛸と海女》 (1814) The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, by Hokusai (1760 – 1849)
By Michael E. Alexandrov (born 1978). Website:
rose pussy
“rose pussy”. From the web, ~ 2000. Author unknown.
art flower girl
“flowergirl”. Image from, ≈1999. Its author has the signet “翼”, meaning Wing.
devil chair
Devil sex chair.
throbbing tits
Throbbing breasts with needle. Online banner ad, ~ 2003. Author unknown.
anal sex
≈2003, source unknown.
vulva bear
A beer logo. image source
vulva rabit ears
A rabit greeting logo. Konichiwa means hello in Japanese
beaten  Mekanika
One of the best artwork from Mekanika by Oscar Chichoni. amazon
Bondage Fairies series, by Kondom. amazon Excellent in illustration and the stories.

Temp Links

Marie-Gabrielle amazon by George Pichard. One of a kind. Ugly, but stylistic in its own way.

Erick Von Gotha — porn illustrator. Precise drawing, but his drawings and stories lack imagination. Twenty amazon

† Used with permission.