Erotic Artwork


The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting. —attributed to Gloria Leonard (b1940)

girl diver and octopuses
〈蛸と海女〉 (1814) The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, by Hokusai (1760 〜 1849) 1600×1116
By Michael E. Alexandrov (b1978). Website:
rose pussy
“rose pussy”. From the web, ~ 2000. Author unknown.
art flower girl
“flowergirl”. Image from, ≈1999. Its author has the signet “翼”, meaning Wing.
devil chair
Devil sex chair.
throbbing tits
Throbbing breasts with needle. Online banner ad, ~ 2003. Author unknown.
anal sex
≈2003, source unknown.
vulva bear
A beer logo. img src
vulva rabit ears
A rabit greeting logo. Konichiwa means hello in Japanese
fantasy art: naked girl flanked by two largesh cop figure
1016×1404 One of the best artwork from Mekanika by Oscar Chichoni. amazon
Bondage Fairies series, by Kondom. amazon Excellent in illustration and the stories.

Temp Links

Marie-Gabrielle amazon by George Pichard. One of a kind. Ugly, but stylistic in its own way.

Erick Von Gotha — porn illustrator. Precise drawing, but his drawings and stories lack imagination. Twenty amazon

† Used with permission.

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