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4-tits woman
See Update Milk, Tits, Caryatids (genetic engineered food, genetically engineered body, Roman/Greek mythologies, PHD.)
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Women with Nose Cut Off.

Internet phenomenon: Rebecca Black - Friday (song).

《東日本大震災 千葉・旭市で車載カメラが津波にとらえる》 (A personal video from a car as the tsunami happens)

More at 2011 Japan Tsunami Videos.

Scientists Say High-Heels Good for Your Health. (news)

Update: The Writing Style of Xah Lee.

inside job movie

Discovered a documentary about financial corruption: Inside Jobs.

“Sugababes - Round Round” music video. Buy at amazon

Sugababes - Round Round (dance-pop; music video)

Student Who Found GPS Device On His Car Due To Reddit Comment Sues The FBI (2011-03-04) By Mike Masnick. @ Source

Here's a comment by the well know computer security expert Bruce Schneier.

The FBI is Tracking Whom? (2010-10-13) By Bruce Schneier @ Source

Time mag has a article about a related issue:

The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves (2010-08-25) By Adam Cohen. @ Source

“Jay Chou — Twilight's Chapter 7”

周杰倫 — 夜的第七章 (Jay Chou — Twilight's Chapter 7)

Eurythmics - Missionary Man (music video)