Periodic Dosage Archive 2010-06

Comedy. For detail, see permalink: Courtship Humor: What's It Gonna Be? (Video)

Possibly Maybe by Björk. (music video and lyrics analysis)

Alain Robert, climbed with barehands basically all the world's tallest skyscrapers.

胭脂泪 (Girl's Tears) by Teresa Deng (music video, Chinese poetry appreciation)

lyrics: the Borderline, by Sharon Apple

Lyrics in Latin and English translation at: Cursum Perficio, by Enya.

Cults: Lawsonomy, David Icke, Moonie, Falun Gong, Raelism (commentary on a cult)

Spent a few hours reading Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Death.

The Last Kind Word Blues (Geeshie Wiley) (lyrics appreciation)