Is Gonzalo Lira an SBU Asset 2023-08-04

By Xah Lee. Date: .

SBU = Security Service of Ukraine

Scott Ritter says Gonzalo Lira is a ukraine asset

George Eliason Agree Gonzalo Lira is SBU Asset

Eva Bartlett on Gonzalo Lira


The Duran, on Lira SBU Asset

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starting at 05:56, on Scott Ritter's claim that lira is a SBU asset.

On Gonzalo Lira and Scott Ritter

Gonzalo Lira, the nutjob. Of the reasons he is a ukraine asset are:

however, there are no any hard evidence so far.

Lira is a true nutjob. He has to make a video (multiple), publish it to the world, announcing his plan for escaping death. Also, right after he got captured the first time, he continues bad mouthing ukraine non-stop. Also, he has a fallout with scott ritter, in a quite strange way.

It's fun to watch him. but given he is at a nazi center, they would have easily killed him and nobody knows.

am not sure he's the ukraine fbi asset, because, as far as infowar goes, the lira guy is doing HUGE damage to ukraine and the usa deepstate.

(info/psy war is the most CRITICAL and SEVERE war going on right now across internet, among multiple parties (democ vs repub, usa isreal china russia, and covid corps, energy corps etc), each spending billion million and bots and agents and orgs etc).

Gonzalo Lira