Art of Mark Ryden

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

These are by Mark Ryden (born 1963). Official site at .

naked girl with meat in a cross frame naked girl with meat
The Angel of Meat fine art painting by Mark Ryden, 1998.
bjork by mark ryden
Singer Björk. This painting is based on the music video of Björk's song Bachelorette.

Mark Ryden has painted several other celebrities.

3 girls riding a merry-go-around; surreal
Clear Hearts, Gray Flowers , 2000. Used as cover for Communication Arts. Artist: Mark Ryden. This is the cover for the album “Clear Hearts, Gray Flowers” by the band Jack Off Jills , in 2000. The 3 girls are the 3 singers in the band. (See their album at Buy at amazon)
a girl on chariot pulled by bambi; surreal
Jessica's Hope, Oil on canvas, 2001. From the book The Art of Mark Ryden: Anima Mundi. Buy at amazon
girl in a meat shop; surreal
BLAB mag cover by Mark Ryden. Thru the looking glass, this is how a picture is worth a thousand words. The little girl strolls around with her big curious eyes and pretty red boots; the butcher lady smiles for the cute progeny and slaughters away. Dead figures are lead, pets are kept, factories kept churning, dinosaurs are framed, and Jesus Christ figurine keeps everyone sane.