The Google Plus Song (humor)

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the Google Plus song Ashley Pitman

the Google Plus Song, starring Ashley Pitman

Google Plus Song Ashley Pitman Katie Hines

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Here's the lyrics.

Check my email, got an invite
To a website I don't know
Looked like googlebuzz at first sight,
But my friend said that's a no.
Why did we need, another social network?
Doesn't Facebook work alright?
A new thing for me to learn
This could take all night, Look out!

What is this Google Plus
I don't Need Google Plus
There's another +1 and another +1
What is this Google Plus
Hey, Why's this red thing here?
Go away Google Plus
Sophie's choice a 1979 novel written by William Styron which depicts a mother at wit's end faced with a forced decision in which any and all options have equally negative outcomes. Sophie's Choice
You want me to put my friends in circles
But circles are for squares
Everday's like Sophie's choice
Trying to choose which friend goes where
But No Parents, or Ex-boyfriends...
Can get in without invites
And when I drunkenly post that he's cute
I can edit it later that night - whoa

I kinda like Google Plus
Can't believe I'm on Google Plus
Oh another hangout, and another hang out
I dig my Google Plus
Hey, old high school friend
You can't join my Google Plus

Friends add me, without me adding them
That feature's really nice
my pot dealer
and all these friend's I've never liked
No one knows, my circle names,
So even good friend's get handpicked
Do you make it into my main feed
or do I add you to my circle of pricks

I'm in love with Google Plus
I'm judgemental on Google Plus
and Another douchebag and another loser
You didn't make my Google Plus
Hey, Now I'm a facist pig
Thank you Google Plus!

The Google Plus Rap

The Google Plus Rap zach katz
Published on Aug 18, 2011

From the lyrics:

Here's the Google Plus press release: Fuck Twitter.


Google Plus Shutting Down

Note, Google Plus announced shutdown in 2018.

In hindsight, i'd mark 2011 as the year Google turned evil.

remember, forcing people to use Google Plus? Forcing real names? Paying employee bonus for Google Plus success?

Google Plus