Words from Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

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This page are some interesting words, phrases, usage, or quotes from William Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Titus Andronicus.

Full text: The Tragedy Of Titus Andronicus.

• minion → this minion stood upon her chastity, upon her nuptial vow, her loyalty.

• perforce → Now perforce we will enjoy that nice preserved honesty of yours.

• flint → let it be your glory to see her tears, but be your heart to them as unrelenting flint to drops of rain.

• dam → When did the tiger's young ones teach the dam?

• made away → Ne'er let my heart know merry cheer indeed till all the Andronici be made away.

• trull → Now will i hence to seek my lovely Moor, and let my spleenful sons this trull deflower.

• whelps → two of thy whelps, fell curs of bloody kind, have here bereft my brother of his life!

• describing a tongueless girl (been cut off).

O, that delightful engine of her thoughts
That blabb'd them with such pleasing eloquence
Is torn from forth that pretty hollow cage,
Where like a sweet melodious bird it sung
Sweet varied notes, enchanting every ear!

• the rise of Tamora.

Now climbeth Tamora Olympus' top,
Safe out of Fortune's shot, and sits aloft,
Secure of thunder's crack or lightning flash,
Advanc'd above pale envy's threat'ning reach.
As when the golden sun salutes the morn,
And, having gilt the ocean with his beams,
Gallops the zodiac in his glistening coach
And overlooks the highest-peering hills,
So Tamora.
Upon her wit doth earthly honour wait,
And virtue stoops and trembles at her frown.
Then, Aaron, arm thy heart and fit thy thoughts
To mount aloft with thy imperial mistress,
And mount her pitch whom thou in triumph long
Hast prisoner held, fett'red in amorous chains,
And faster bound to Aaron's charming eyes
Than is Prometheus tied to Caucasus.
Away with slavish weeds and servile thoughts!
I will be bright and shine in pearl and gold,
To wait upon this new-made empress.
To wait, said I? To wanton with this queen,
This goddess, this Semiramis, this nymph,
This siren that will charm Rome's Saturnine,
And see his shipwreck and his commonweal's.

• how women are easier have sex with if they are married.

What, man! more water glideth by the mill
Than wots the miller of; and easy it is
Of a cut loaf to steal a shive, we know.

• hatred

I'll find a day to massacre them all,
And raze their faction and their family

• hatred

For, by my soul, were there worse end than death,
That end upon them should be executed.

• sorrow

Or with our sighs we'll breathe the welkin dim
And stain the sun with fog, as sometime clouds
When they do hug him in their melting bosoms.