Vocabulary: Sexual Words

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This page collects words in one way or another are related to sex.

• onanism → masturbation. Bop. Cyndi Lauper has a song named She Bop

• gynoecium → The female reproductive organs of a flower. Note the root same as gynecology, meaning “woman's apartments”. Gynoecium

• peristalsis → wave-like motion as in digestive tracks. Swallowing and all sticky. Imagine throat and internal body parts such as intestine. peristalsis

• dimorphism → Sexual dimorphism

• neoteny → pedomorphosis; pedogenesis. See also: Neoteny.

• asphyxia → cutting off breath. Some sexual practices involves, as the cutting off of breath can cause uncontrollable erotic responses in the body. For instance, when a person is hanged, she excretes involuntarily. The loss of execratory body function is often experienced by persons learning swimming. Also, when a noose is around a neck, blood gorges in the head, can cause sharpened consciousness. In Marquis de Sade's books, he describes sodomy where the receiver is being slowly strangled. Some accidental death records in modern society involves a masturbating male with a noose around his neck.

• mastectomy → cutting off the breast. See also: mastectomy

• cephalic → relating to head. It is interesting that a turtle's head resembles penis's head remarkably, including foreskin. In Chinese, the head of a penis is called “turtle head”.

• phallic → phallus is penis

• hymeneal → the cherry in popping a cherry. See also: hymen

• connubial, conjugal, matrimony

• words to describe motions of copulation: undulate, gyrate, grind, rectilinear motion

• complexities: Oedipus Complex, Electra Complex, Stockholm Syndrome.

• incest, fetish, abstinence

• cunnilingus → eating pussy. cunnilingus

• fisting → insertion of hand into vagina or rectum. fisting

• fellatio → blow job. Cock sucking. fellatio

• reaming → slang for anal sex.

• orgy → orgy

• fornication → sexual intercourse between persons not married to each other.

• adultery → a married person fucking someone other than {his, her} spouse.

• jargon variety: parking, petting, suckling

canal, carnal, kernel, corporeal

• fuck terminology: intercourse, coitus, copulate, conjugate, coupling, fucking, mating, consummate.

• intercourse → the course of reciprocal connection between genitals.

• Copulate → the act of joining dick and pussy.

• coitus → sexual intercourse. We have the word “coitus interruptus”.

• penetration → insertion of penis into vagina. Like, bolt through nut, rod into hole, sheath eating a sword. Popping a cherry is penetration for the first time, breaking the hymen, poking a pen through paper. (A wet paper makes it congenial.)

• courting → The ass-sniffing behavior of canine, of which signifies sexual desire. Whence courtship.

• Consummate → the all-consuming completion of wedlock. The physical part of a locking, the realization of a formality. Adultery is what adulterers do: breaking the wedlock and fuck somebody else. Fornication is locking genitalia sans wedlock. A physical device that enforces wedlock is called chastity belt, usually designed for female.

• Coupling → what couples do, emphasizing the union of two-ness. Decoupling is to separate.

• Mating → the sexual meeting for bedmates among all animals. Hence we have mating season, mad March Hare, mating frenzy. Death abound in the mating phenomena. Sometimes the females eats males after mating, sometimes immediate death. See also: Copulation

• adolescence → when a youngling enters pubescence, pubescence is the period of animals going through sexual development, the commencing of ogling and drooling by males on female, and the hots of females on males. The hots is technically estrus, applied to females ready to mate, as in “she's in heat”. For mammals, the hots is periodic and biologically fixed. For human animals, women can have the hots anytime, any season.

• crush, flame, fling, humping: A crush is a bout of sexual infatuation, a goading of nature, as in “i had a crush on her.” Often one-sided and unpronounced. A flame is a committed crush, as in “we had a flame last year.”, but not necessarily indicative the exchange of carnal knowledge. A fling is a consummating flame, alluding to the violence, impulsiveness, and physical trashing of fuck, as in: “we are having a fling.”. Humping emphasize a fling in action, as in: “we are humping violently.”, “humping that waitress.”

• canal is tubular duct. Vagina is a canal, a canal leading to womb. Womb is the allegorical birthplace of everything, including heaven and earth in some mythologies. Technically, womb is called uterus. Carnal means corporeal, flesh, meat. “Carnal knowledge” means the knowledge of [some body's] flesh, the meat on the chest, the leg meat, the rump meat, the meat between the legs, how they shape, how they smell, how they touch, and how they taste.