an Explication and Explanation (Or, my writing style)

By Xah Lee. Date:

(someone wrote in a forum ☺)

In what way does “explicated” differ from or improve upon “explained”?

your explication and explanation reminds me a similar quandary by exposition and exhibition. i.e. i have photo essays or galleries on my website, so in reference i sometimes dither over XYZ Photo Exposition or XYZ Photo Exhibition. (almost never XYZ Photo Gallery or XYZ Photo Essay, because they are mundane, and mundaneness is the bane of my style as far as literariness goes. Never laconic but overboard extremeness and exactitude like a impeccable calculus)

my goal or criterions are fairly complex or complicated. Sometimes i want to communicate certain gists, sometimes i go for clarity with many respects, and often going along is an air i want to imbue and a annoyance i want to inflict upon academicians, plus considerations of the context and readership and their general levels of English appreciation.

in general, the style i employ can be categorized in a dichotomy of classes: technical exposition or literary exhibition. In technical exposition, usually the task is to communicate engineering or science matters (e.g. mathematics), the style would be with exceeding terseness and logicality and clarity and simplicity. On this style i'll have to expound some other day, perhaps by the style itself. On the other hand the literary exhibition, usually i'm involved with my raptures on worldly affairs as commentaries in the form of prose, my style so evolved into is to be as florid and compounded as possible with heavy employment of communication between the lines and deployment of full array of figures of speech. Yet, whose ends is forceful and exacting of what i wanted my readers to perceive and understand.

In the latter style, of which i've been flourishing and immersing in the past few years, i think the readership has developed into a experience. That is, instead of reading to understand, the readers get a experience, a experience of sublimeness and exaltation. This for a duration of time with lingering aftertaste.

In the fashion to my latter style, in your plight of explicate and explain you might want to add expound. And to refine the smoothness or heighten the quality of the prose, couple it with propound. So, when the concept of “explain” is called, you might want to say “explain or explicate”. And when opportune, add “propound and expound”. (in general you always can create the opportunity yourself. (the drawback is the accusation of affectation if you did not achieve mastery)) The “and” can switch with “or”, whichever is suitable. (half of the time they mean the same thing (but most people including grammarians don't know.))

as men of letters, it is our job and duty to retain and persist our art and trade, and i salute you with my highest blessing.

In closing, Live and Prosper i offer a gratuitous poem of mine:

i wish to bore myself, a task drear and dear,
of bearing naked girls; bodily toil and moil.
in that i learn contact, of flesh and humanity.
and meditate the heavy duty, of men and eternity.