Burma Girls 缅甸 小哥哥们,她们俩姐妹,种香蕉🍌养你们

By Xah Lee. Date: .


burma girls plant bananas be74b.mp4 [from [2018-12-08 https://twitter.com/CarlZha/status/1070182905803026432 ]]


and my American readers, this is a opportunity to learn about Myanmar aka Burma. read Wikipedia [ Myanmar ] [ 2018-12-08 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myanmar ] , see map, see its people, street photos, girls, and ye linguistically inclined, its language and design of writing system

apparently, Burma is a troubled country. Its health ranks 145th in the world. One of the biggest wealth gap among its people, and in ethnic civil war. Then there's Anglo-Burmese_Wars of the white UK. Somehow am glad that sj/fem/islm is futtering up UK. its, like, karma.

there is also Sino-Burmese War (1765–69). but lol, the English version of Wikipedia is entirely diff in nature from Chinese version.

here's a random street view on Mandalay, Burma. 2nd largest city

Mandalay  Burma 2018-748e5
Mandalay Burma 2018-d1132
Burma street 2018-a6b70-2
Burma highway 2018

Burma is truly a poor country. This is like their highway. on the other hand, good to know there are places not infested with white wifi wires

Spent few hours reading about Burma. A truly troubled country. The northen and eastern parts, are pretty much chinese blood. (Kokang people 果敢族, Wa 佤族, Kachin (aka Jingpo) 景颇族 ) Pictured is a kachin girl.

kachin jingpo girl 6673c
kachin jingpo girl 6673c [ image source 2018-12-05 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Singpho_Dress..jpg ]
kachin jingpo girls dfcb0
kachin jingpo girls dfcb0 [ image source 2018-12-05 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kachin.JPG ]
Shan woman from Lai-Hka Shan State NarngSaoTai 63ccc
Shan woman from Lai-Hka Shan State NarngSaoTai 63ccc [ image source 2018-12-05 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:NarngSaoTai.jpg ]