Star Spangled Products by US Government

uncle sam wants you
The poster “Uncle Sam Wants You”, painted by James Montgomery Flagg (1877 – 1960) in 1917. It is used by US Army for World War I and II.
US $50 bill
United States of America Legal Tender with values of 50 monetary unit, vernacularly known as fifty-dollar-bill, created in the year of our Lord two thousand and four. It is star-spangled on the left and red-striped on the right. The mug shot is USA's 18th president (1869 – 1877) Ulysses S Grant (1822 – 1885).
US flag shield
Montgomery County, Maryland ensign at a library wall, in Maryland, 2004-10.
US flag stamp US flag paper cups
Left: USA stamp. Above right: flag cups, Natinal Park, Washington DC. 2004-10.