Star Spangled Products by US Government

uncle sam wants you
The poster “Uncle Sam Wants You”, painted by James Montgomery Flagg (1877 to 1960) in 1917. It is used by US Army for World War I and II.
United States of America Legal Tender with values of 50 monetary unit, vernacularly known as fifty-dollar-bill, created in the year of our Lord two thousand and four. It is star-spangled on the left and red-striped on the right. The mug shot is USA's 18th president (1869 to 1877) Ulysses S Grant (1822 to 1885).
Montgomery County, Maryland. Ensign at a library wall, in Maryland, 2004-10.
USA stamp, 2002.
flag cups, Natinal Park, Washington DC. 2004-10.

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