Feminism Perving 2014-02

The Importance of Marriage to Females

it's quite fascinating, marriage is like this, for girls.

girls and marriage

also note, the other girls, get excited. But when a guy gets married, other guys couldn't care less.

and this is, another difference between male and female.

Chick Porn, the Twilight, and Society

Science Ninja Gatchaman Jun
Science Ninja Gatchaman, Jun

She is Jun, the female member of the Science Ninja Team (aka Gatchaman, G-Force, 科学忍者隊; 科學小飛俠)

like Wonder Woman, here, you can see that she's treading a fine line. That line, is just a bit more thick in Japan.

Science Ninja Gatchaman Jun Cosplay (科學小飛俠) See link for hot chick in cosplay.

girl biting cable

girl biting cable

the difference between men and women.

It's normal and socially accepted for young female to bite a cable. it's not normal for others to do so, unless you are in the order of canine.

what's with biting a cable? it lies in body language, and the payload is sexual signal.

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