Feminism Perving 2013-08

“your hair is beautiful, tonight.”. The exigency of mating: at that moment, everything else is irrelevant, even death. Blondie ♪ Atomic

What kinda creature there exists, who wrote lyrics the like of In The Flesh? Debbie Harry of Blondie! Sexist woman possible.

a woman's attraction lies in demeanor. Some, exude pheromone in every bodily gesture. In this regard, you can picture French women, and then there's the American…

Blondie ♪ In The Flesh

sexism in video games

the solution to Damsel in Distress in Video Games. See bottom.

moulin rouge cest feerie
Moulin Rouge, C'est Féerie

the world revolves around nubile girls. The French understand it and isn't afraid to say so. Moulin Rouge, C'est Féerie 🎶

Mickey Avalon and girl
«Idol worship: Avalon causes hysteria among the pretty young things» image source

the girls, the abuse, the party of the human animals. Mickey Avalon ♪ My Dick

human courtship and sexual heat. A Whiter Shade of Pale 🎶

i'm actually good looking. You may disagree, but they say beauty is in the beholder, and your eyes are not good.

Q: What happens to bimbos when bimbage is gone?

A: Jenny McCarthy