Feminism Perving 2010-07

wikileaks Anna Ardin 2
Anna Ardin, one of the woman who accused Wikileaks founder Julian Assange of rape.

Wikileaks: Julian Assange Raped Women?

safesex.nl condom commercial. It shows a stewardess in their typical gestures of pre-flight safety, but instruct on the use of condom instead. Very funny.

Humor: Condom Video Commercials

jessica cutler washingtonienne

Jessica Cutler (The Washingtonienne) Sex Scandal (commentary; pictorial)

John Stagliano (aka buttman), a well-known pornographer, was charged with obscenity by US government. He won the trial and the case is dismissed.

Reason (magazine) has a collection of articles about it. John Stagliano Trial @ http://reason.com/topics/john-stagliano-trial.

Others, are not so lucky. See: Porn and Law in USA: Robert Black and Obscenity Charges2 Girls 1 Cup.

Here's one of his famous Buttman series: Buttman Cheek to Cheek Buy at amazon.

The Anal Hook
anal hook on amazon.

Sex Toys on Amazon: Ben Wa Balls, Kegel, Anal Hooks!

Amazing. Amazon is now selling butt plugs too.

pig tail butt plug
“pigtail butt plug” Buy at amazon
butt plugs on amazon
Butt plugs on amazon.

Is the Internet for Porn? An Insight Into the Online Adult Industry (2010-08?) By Gilbert Wondracek et al At http://iseclab.org/papers/weis2010.pdf

Pole Dancing and Chinese Poles (video).